Party pledges support

The only sitting state politician to attend our rally today has issued a press release pledging his support to our cause.
This is his press release:
The United Australia Party’s Queensland Leader Dr Alex Douglas says the party will oppose new bikie laws in Queensland which will enable police to stop motorcyclists in groups of at least three.
Dr Douglas made the announcement after listening to recreational motorcyclists attending a rally at Canungra this morning, who say the laws discriminate against them as the government cracks down on outlawed motorcycle gangs.
Dr Douglas says the new laws  will have a huge affect on the economies of regional towns including Gold Coast Hinterland areas which have hundreds of recreational motorcyclists through each week.
“We can’t afford these ridiculous laws and I question if they are for public safety or for Campbell Newman’s re-election prospects?” he said.
“These ramped up anti-association laws are directly targeting one of the LNP’s four pillars, tourism,  which Campbell Newman’s LNP loudly promoted at the 2012 election.
“It now turns out to be nothing more than rhetoric.
“Recreational bike riders spend on average eight times what caravaners spend in our regional towns.
“The laws  won’t stop bikies from illegal gangs or reduce drug trafficking but they will hit the small businesses in country towns where recreational motorcyclists visit such as Canungra, a popular spot each weekend, and other Hinterland towns.”
Dr Douglas,  the only Member of Parliament to attend the rally,  was warmly applauded by about 100 motorcyclists who are opposed to the proposed laws.
If you would like to sign the petition, click here.
Read our report of the rally here.


  1. As this legislation potentially affrects all riders, would expanding your petition to interstate riders be acceptable?

    1. By all means. Copy the petition wording from the online petition or this blog:
      The wording must accompany every page that has signatures on it. Make sure you have space for their name, address and signature.
      Then collect your signatures, count them, then contact me on for collection. When we hit 10,000 I plan to ride my bike into George St and hand-deliver them to the Premier’s office.

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