Police cops speed speeding sensation annual demerit

Police show GoPro video of motorcycle crash

Queensland Police recently staged a motorcycle “safety” display at Mt Glorious where they showed a video taken from a GoPro of a rider doing 135km/h in an 80 zone and then crashing.

It is a great warning to riders that such video can be confiscated if the police believe it is evidence of a crime being committed. 

It’s also a good lesson that public roads are not a race track. While MBW abhors the crackdown on minimum speeding breaches through inattention, we can’t condone 55km/h over the limit. That’s intentional criminal behaviour.

While we’d love to show you the video, police have not released it to the media as it is still subject to prosecutions which have not yet been finalised. However, you can view it here on YouTube.

Meanwhile, the police display and video may become part of an ongoing awareness campaign visiting various popular motorcycle venues, according to Queensland police media.

“Road Policing Command is committed to education and enforcement campaigns,” they say. “RPC is considering initiatives such as that run at Mt Glorious as to whether there are merits in conducting similar activity in other parts of the state.  The activity at Mt Glorious was conducted by Inner West Patrol Group, Brisbane Police Region with the assistance of the local road policing unit.”

There is no schedule of events, however the activity conducted at Mt Glorious is being rerun by the Inner West Patrol Group on May 16 at Mt Nebo and on May 17 at Mt Glorious.

  1. Probably missed it, but I didn’t see any evidence rider was 130 knots/km/whatever at time of prang.

    Looks like an excellent example of target fixation, not speed, whatever it was.
    Have seen similar happen with rider in front of me, well below speed limit.

    MotorbikeWriter has an excellent article on target fixation. Will post link if I find it.

  2. I will state the obvious – “there are a lot of idiots out there”.
    It is such a shame that those idiots seem to attract the most attention.
    There is a massive media file that was put into place some years back called “You Tube”, now you dont have to be Einstien to know that these “idiots” love to put their “works of art” out there to show the world how good they are and how they can do 200km/h down the main street, then, these are in time looked at by the world and other idiots express their “like” of this video and in some cases try to out do this….. and so the wheel turns…..
    This minority of bike riders then become a public representation of us……. and we wonder why we are picked on and attract excess police attention…go figure..
    Police will use anything they can to collect evidence and if it means taking the idiots go pro footage, so be it……. and if they wish to use extracts from it to try and get through to some of us that this is not a smart thing to do, so be it, sometimes it is better to just sit back and listen and learn instead, but there will always be those that just love whinging.
    I am about to purchase two cameras to capture my trips, 1 for the front of my bike and 1 for the rear of the bike, none for my helmet….. they should capture enough to keep me happy or to be used in a court of law if something goes pearshaped and at the same time not bring an extra excuse to be pulled over for.
    Stay safe.

      1. I have ……
        I like the “power converter” idea.
        Just start up the bike and the recording begins, no need to charge at the end of the day…..
        Looks simple enough that a poorly trained Guinea Pig could operate it……. maybe I could too, with some tuition from the G-Pig……..
        Small and compact, mounts anywhere and wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb either…. ideal.
        Stay safe.

  3. Clarification of police power to confiscate a camera or SD card from a qualified legal practitioner is needed

    As for using evidence from an ongoing courtcase in a PR excercise, it seems a dubious practice at best

  4. So the video can be shown at a public function to the general public BUT cannot be released
    “it is still subject to prosecutions which have not yet been finalised.”
    Uh huh.

  5. If your doing something as illegal as that and filming it your pretty dumb
    Thing is this is probably at the lower speed range of what some people
    are doing out there.
    The thing that annoys me is while we are preached at by “the industry”
    to wear better safety equipment {good for sales|there is a deafening
    silence on horsepower limits. As shown on your own site with the
    victory ad also [good for sales]
    Thing is people are getting dressed up in the latest and greatest gear
    hopping on bikes with over 150 hp traction control, abs and the rest.
    Its a bit like the lycra loons on pushbikes but at least they cant peddle
    fast enough to get into too much trouble
    While these fools generally end up dead, The rest of us suffer the

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