How to pick up a heavy motorcycle Kaitlin Riley

How to pick up a heavy motorcycle

Most people who drop a motorcycle are embarrassed and a little shaken and don’t pick up their bike the proper way.

While it may be important to pick up the bike straight away to avoid being a danger to other traffic, you could damage your back or your bike if you don’t do it properly. 

But if you keep calm and follow these tips, you should be able to do it if ever that fateful moment comes along.

Just be aware, you will probably put a few scrapes on your bike and you may want to wait for someone else to help if your bike is not in an immediate dangerous position.pick up a dropped motorbike

Pick-up video

We saw several riders drop their bikes while competing in the civilian and police motorcycle skills competition at the Harley-Davidson 115th anniversary celebrations in Milwaukee at the weekend.

To prove it doesn’t take a strong male to lift a heavy bike, Kaitlin Riley, 32, of Bleu Bayou Harley-Davidson, Louisiana, performed this video for us.

Her main tip is to use your legs.

If you drop the bike on the other side, you need to deploy the side stand before you start to lift.

That way, you lift past the balance point and allow the bike to gently come down on its stand.How to pick up a heavy motorcycle Kaitlin Riley

Kill switch

The first thing to do when a bike falls over is to hit the kill switch to turn off the engine. Leave the bike in gear.

This will prevent it from rolling forward or backwards as you lift it.

Some people put a cable tie on their front brake lever.

If you are in slippery conditions, you might also want to chock the front and back wheels. Water crossings pick

If you drop your bike on a hill and the wheels are pointing uphill, you may not be able to lift the bike on your own.

Either get someone to help you, or wrestle the bike around so that the wheels are facing downhill.

Obviously, the latter method is going to do some damage to your bike, so you need to assess how important it is to lift your bike on your own or wait for help.

Once your bike is upright, it may not start straight away. Wheel it out of harm’s way while you are waiting for it to start.

  1. From my own personal mistake don’t lift the seat grab under the fender or some thing that is secure in the rear.

    1. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! Might look a little dumb, but will save your leg if you can’t get it out of the way quick enough! Hurt enough when I dropped a 250cc adv on my leg in the dirt, don’t want to know what that fat hog feels like on asphalt!

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