Mother's Day
The Druerys celebrate Mother's Day

Perfect Mother’s Day biker present

The perfect Mother’s Day for a biker would be a romantic weekend in a country cabin on your favourite biker road with your partner and your bike by your side.

The Druerys celebrate Mother's Day
Beautiful scenery on the Lions Rd

That’s exactly what Chris and Jillian Druery are doing this weekend (2014) at Ripples on the Creek cabins in northern NSW. The cabins are right on the Lions Rd which is a famous biker road that connects Kyogle in NSW and Rathdowney in Queensland. It was built by the Kyogle Lions Club because neither government would contribute funds to the project. It’s now one of the most famous biker roads in the country with its complex twists and turns and spectacular border ranges scenery.


The Druerys celebrate Mother's Day
Ripples on the Creek is a biker favourite

Chris and Jillian chose the picturesque location not only to celebrate Mother’s Day but also their 23rd anniversary. Like many biker fans they couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy Mother’s Day weekend than with a romantic country retreat on their new Harley-Davidson Switchback. “The kids have finished school and we’re self-sufficient and living the dream,” says a proud mum. “We have a bit of a window before we have grandkids.”  So they have joined the Gasoline Alley HOG Chapter in Brisbane and taking their Switchback out every chance they get.

It’s a common story with more and more women getting into motorcycles, either as pillions or as riders. Harley-Davidson Australia marketing director says HOG in Australia and New Zealand has increased about 10% in the past year, mainly due to a lot more women joining up. He says women riders have also gone from about 5% 10 years ago to between 12-15%.

So on this Mother’s Day we at MotorbikeWriter salute all the mothers out there riding their bikes and “living the dream”. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

Mother's Day
In loving memory of my mum, Jocelyn.

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