Honda CB4X

Patent suggests Honda set to build CB4X

Honda has filed patent designs for a bike that seem to suggest they will build the CB4X concept shown at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan last November.

Honda CB4X concept patent (1)
New patent drawing

CB4X patent

Not a lot is known about the concept and the patent filing doesn’t reveal any extra details.

It appears to have a mid-capacity engine, possibly an old 600cc engine from the CBR600RR, but down-tuned to meet Euro5 emissions targets.

That is a good way to use old engines. Ducati has successfully done that with its 03cc and 1100cc Scramblers, using old Monster engines.

At EICMA, Honda described the CB4X as blending sports, naked and touring, although it doesn’t look like much of a touring bike to me.

However, it does have an adjustable windscreen. 

Honda CB4X

The CB4X also features a diamond-shaped headlight, daytime running lights, aluminium subframe, sharp tail and 17-inch front wheel.Honda CB4X

CB4X design

The bike has been designed by Valerio Aiello and his team of young designers at the Japanese company’s Rome centre for design and research.Honda CB4X

Honda’s official EICMA press release said:

The CB4X features flowing, yet compact lines, designed to enhance the contrasting personality of a motorcycle that’s born to use every day on urban routes, and on carving mountain bends or long journeys on the weekend.

The fuel tank hunches forward, like a cobra ready to attack its prey.

The Honda CB4X is an idea dedicated to those riders who live for sports riding – but don’t want to give up the possibility of relaxing, two-up travel experiences whenever or wherever.

Unfortunately, it’s not the six-cylinder CBX that Honda filed patent drawings (below) in 2018 that looks a little like its 1980s six-cylinder CBX with a bubble fairing.

Honda CBX six-cylinder
Patent drawings

But don’t get too excited yet about the CB4X or CBX.

As we know, Honda has been busy with a lot of patents for various bikes, engines and innovations in recent years.

They include the recent 850cc parallel twin which could be destined for a smaller Africa Twin.

Obviously not all will go into production. It seems more likely Honda is intent on protecting its intellectual property.

Other recent Honda patents include:

Forks Goldwing patent
Goldwing forks patent

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