Which parties support motorcyclists?

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As you go to the polls this weekend, you might wonder which parties and politicians do the most for riders.

MotorbikeWriter does not support any one politician or party, so we approached them all, asking for their motorcycle-specific policies.

We received several responses, but surprisingly nothing from Rose Tattoo frontman and prominent rider Angry Anderson who is running in NSW on the Senate ticket for the an anti-Islam Australian Liberty Alliance.

Angry Anderson parties
A very Angry Anderson

The election seems to have been fought on issues such as the economy, Medicare, the boats, immigration, negative gearing and superannuation. These issues are important and may be your top consideration when voting on Saturday.

However, motorcycle issues are not just self-serving policies; they can have a substantial affect on the economy, climate, transport and infrastructure.

So here (in alphabetical order) are links to the responses from various parties and candidates to our inquiry about motorcycle-related issues:







Apart from those statements and an advertising campaign directed at riders by the Liberal Democrats, motorcycling issues have not played a role in the prolonged election campaign.

That is until Opposition transport spokesman Anthony Albanese stepped up to the crease this week.

Albo has long been a supporter of motorcycles as a solution to transport problems.

He reiterated those comments this week saying their government would work with local governments and rider organisations to increase safe parking for motorcycles and scooters in cities and remove ‚Äúregulatory and other impediments to motorcycle use”.

Footpath parking
Footpath parking in Melbourne

He says attracting more riders as commuters would ease traffic congestion and reduce the pressure on public transport and road infrastructure.

While citing advances in motorcycle parking solutions in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, he says more needs to be done.

Remember this Saturday, “Vote early, vote often”! (Just kidding!)

One thought on “Which parties support motorcyclists?

  1. Any party that supports public transport, parking for bikes and gets cars off the roads has my support. Also, Anderson likes to promote his image and look tough however he is clearly a weak little person who is happy to attack minority’s and simplify arguments – such as getting people to fear and hate others. From my experience motorcyclists respect each other and their views. He deserves no oxygen.

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