CFMoto-650 Vicroads online Survey motorcycle safety levy Victoria Yarra Black Spur country
MBW exercising social distancing on the Victorian Black Spur

Online survey seeks rider input on safety

An online survey about motorcycle safety targets Victorian riders, but also allows input from interstate riders who travel the many great motorcycling roads in the state.

VicRoads’ survey also asks state riders where they should spend the money collected from the $70 annual safety levy.

The survey follows the revelation in August that $21.7m of the $66.6m collected from riders since the levy began in 2002 has been unspent.

The online survey is not only open to Victorian riders, but also interstate riders who visit Victoria for its many great winding roads.CFMoto-650 Vicroads online Survey motorcycle safety levy Victoria Yarra Black Spur

You can take the 10-minute survey by clicking here.

Online survey questions

It begins by asking about how often and when you ride.

However, question 7 asks “What type of motorcycle do you ride?” but only provides for one answer. It says “Choose most frequently used”, but that doesn’t show how many people have multiple registrations.

It then goes on to ask what you think would make roads safer and gives some examples such as lower rub rails, signage, good road surface and clean-up after roadworks.

The online survey also asks where you think the $70 annual safety levy finds should be spent, what causes crashes and how you react to warning signage.Vicroads online Survey motorcycle safety levy

They seem to suggest that safety is entirely our responsibility.

However, there are also opportunities in the survey to provide your own suggestions.

I suggested education programs for other motorists to look twice for bikes, allow room for riders to filter and use provided turnouts to let riders pass safely.

What else can you suggest?

Survey results

VicRoads says they have had “an overwhelming response” with more than 3000 responses collected so far.

The survey is available online until midnight December 15 and copies can also be collected from VicRoads Customer Service Centres.

VicRoads says survey results will be shared with the community in the new year. We will provide the results when they are issued.

Safety levy fight

Meanwhile, the Independent Riders’ Group says that nearly three years of safety levy funds have not been spent, so the annual fee should be at least halved.

IRG motorcycle road safety advocate and author Heather Ellis admits that millions collected by levy has paid for many safety projects.

MEAP independent Heather Ellis non her Thruxton millions online survey
MEAP independent Heather Ellis on her Thruxton

They include the Graduated Licensing System and surface works on many popular motorcycling roads.

However, she says the proliferation of wire rope barriers on popular motorcycle roads is a concern.

The IRG is fighting agains the installation of these barriers and calling for more research on the issue to determine whether it is more dangerous for riders.

  1. If you write ; increase speed limits, improve road maintenance, remove dangerous road side obstacles such as poorly placed poles signs and markings and wire rope barriers. The only thing they’ll see is increase speeding fines reduce limits and put up more dangerous objects like WRBs.

  2. Knowing Vicroads, they’ll just ignore the results of the survey and do what they usually do, which is whatever THEY think we need…

  3. Whats with the kilometer after kilometer of wire rope barriers suddenly sprung up through Bass on the way to Phillip Island just prior to the Motogp, what a shocking waste of our money/taxes. And yes I have completed the survey.

  4. I’d be more interested in seeing thousands of motorcyclist blocking out the cbd in protest along the lines of the lights on demo in the act in the 80’s whats wrong with riders these day’s

    1. They’re waiting for US to DIE OFF !!!
      I WAS THERE in Canberra on Australia Day 1980 Been nothing like it ever since … NEEDs to be though ….

      Regards –

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