What to do if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident crash compensation

Obtaining proper compensation after a crash

(Contributed post: Making sure you are properly compensated for motorcycle accident injuries)

Sadly, accidents are something that a lot of motorbike riders experience. There is no doubt that you are more vulnerable than a car driver is. Figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) demonstrate this. In the USA, 13 car drivers die per 100,000 vehicles. For motorcyclists, that figure shoots up to 72 per 100,000 bikes on the road. So, your chance of having an accident while out riding is quite high. That means you need to be ready for that eventuality.

Be prepared to fight for the right level of compensation for your injuries

If you are injured, you will probably have to fight hard to get the right level of compensation. Don’t let anyone tell you are not entitled to proper compensation. Regardless of whether you have a motorcycle and car accident with a suspended license the cost of treating your injuries should still be covered by insurance. 

Of course, you should not be driving or riding without a valid license. So, you may be fined or prosecuted for doing that. But, the fact that you are breaking the law, in this way, does not mean you are not entitled to full compensation. 

You will likely need the services of a personal injury lawyer

The fact that riders are so much more exposed than car drivers means that they tend to sustain more serious injuries. So, the cost of treating their injuries is typically higher than average. 

Unfortunately, the amount insurance companies will pay for bodily injuries is limited. Often, those limits are too low to cover the full cost of treatment for serious injuries and the disabilities that can arise from them. This means that you will possibly have to sue the driver or another rider. To do this successfully is extremely difficult without a lawyer.

Gather as much evidence as possible

If your injuries allow, gather evidence at the scene. Video and photos are especially useful. Getting everyone’s contact details will help too. 

In the USA, the police should be called to the scene of an accident where someone is injured or killed. Co-operate with the officer, but, be careful not to admit blame. 

You will likely be in shock. So, the chances are you will not remember everything anyway. Later, you can sit down and write down what you think happened. Over the course of the next few days, you will probably remember more and be able to fill in any missing pieces.

Keep an accident journal

Make what happened during the incident your first entry in an accident journal. Each day, write down what happens. For example, who you spoke to and what was said. 

Clip copies of any correspondence to the relevant page of the journal. This in-depth journal will help your lawyer to build a stronger case for you. Some of the templates on this page will help you with putting together a good accident journal.

Keep your clothing

Keep the clothing you were wearing when you came off your bike. On occasion, this can be used as evidence.

Doing the above will help you to receive a better level of compensation after a motorcycle accident. But, don’t forget to do the basics like report the incident to your insurance company and the DMV.


  1. Hi Mark
    I’m not sure if you’re writing for a US audience, or its just a spellchecker issue, but, as I’m sure you know, “license” is the verb and the thingy that TMR issue is a “licence”. I’m not trying to be pedant but this mistake really stands out in this article.

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