North Korean motorcycle riders face ban

Motorcycle rider in North Korea

Spare a thought for your motorcycle rider compatriots in North Korea. It is illegal and too expensive to buy a car, so most people save hard to buy a motorcycle.

Motorcycle rider in North Korea
North Korean police motorcycles not affected

However, because of oil shortages, the North Korean government has restricted the use of private motorcycles to the morning rush hours and from 8 to 10pm. Offenders face having their bike confiscated. The new regulations do not apply to motorcycles for official use.
Fuel is rationed in the North Korea, but only 6.8% of families get fuel rations. Half the population buys fuel through “unofficial” channels.
Motorcycle riders are hopeful the nene regulations will be temporary, but expect to able to use their bikes for work and other errands by offering bribes. That seems to be how the country works.



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