Nolan N-40 convertible helmet
Nolan N-40 convertible helmet

Nolan N-40 is eight helmets in one

The Nolan N-40 is several helmets in one that should suit a range of riders including cruisers, naked bike riders, scooterists, trials riders and even adventure riders.

If you can’t decide between open-face and full-face helmet, now you don’t need to decide, just modify this helmet to suit.

It features a removable jaw, peak, and visor, allowing the rider to configure the helmet in eight different ways.

You can have the safety of full-face helmet variations and the freedom of open-face helmet styles that will suit almost every time of motorcycle and scooter rider.

The full-face variants are a normal sports helmet and a full face with a peak for adventure riding with or without the external visor.

The Lexan scratch-resistant external visor is anti-fog Pinlock ready. Or you can quickly detach the visor and wear the helmet with goggles.

The open-face variants are: peak and full-length visor, jet style with no peak or visor, peak and no visor, or no peak and full-length visor.

It also comes with an internal VPS (Vision Protection System) which is a scratch-resistant, anti-fog, tinted half visor with multi-stage opening levels.

Like most Nolan helmets, it is compatible with their proprietary integrated N-Com multi-media/intercom system.

I’ve used Nolan helmets with this system and it works well and features controls that are almost flush with the outside shell.

The helmet is made of multi-density EPS styrene to absorb impact shock. The Clima-Comfort liner is made from anti-bacterial materials and can be removed for washing.

It comes in black, white or silver in sizes from extra small to XX large and cost $349.

The Italian manufacturer started the “multi-configuration” market a few years ago with the N43 Trilogy and followed up with the more aggressive N44.

The N44 will still keep its place in the range due to its ‘fighter pilot’ styling, but the N-40 will be added to the range for a more mainstream look and more function.

Nolan helmets come with a five-year warranty which is the recommended maximum lifetime for any helmet.

  1. I’ve had the N43 now for a few years and I bought it for exactly that reason, namely that it can be multi-configured.

    However, over the years the novelty has worn off and I haven’t configured it for probably the last 2 years. I mainly ride with the visor but without chin piece. So would I buy that helmet again. Maybe, but I would compare it to all the other full visored 3/4 helmets available.

    Point I am making is, that this is more a marketing gimmick then a required feature once you know what your preferred configuration is you will mostly ride that way.

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