Nolan N-87 helmet in scratched chrome
Nolan N-87 helmet in scratched chrome

New Nolan helmet in scratched chrome

Get ready to start lusting after scratched chrome, the latest finish from the new Nolan helmet, the N-87, arriving in stories this month.

The scratched chrome finish costs $399, while graphics are $379 and $319 for classic plain black or grey.

Importers Ron Angel Warehouse believe the scratched chrome will be popular.

“The scratched chrome is awesome,” says national sales manager Grant Sammut.

“We weren’t sure how it would look, but they have done it so it actually picks up the shadows and shows up the lines of the shell.”

The N-87 follows on from the highly successful N84/85/86 series which scored four out of five stars in the SHARP helmet rating system which is pretty good for a polycarbonate helmet.

The Italian-made helmet comes with a massive five-year warranty which is basically the life of any helmet. After that, you should put it in the trophy cabinet and buy another!

Like all Nolan and X-Lite helmets, it is compatible with N-Com Bluetooth systems which means the unit is recessed into a special compartment on the helmet so it doesn’t stick out the side.

Bluetooth units cost from $239 to $399 which includes an emergency stop alert system with a brake light recessed into the back of the helmet. It is activated by G-Force sensor so that if you stop suddenly the light will flash a warning to this behind. It can be bought separately for $99.

Nolan N-87 features:

  • Multi Density EPS Damping System for shock absorption and impact disbursement;
  • VPS tinted internal anti-fog and anti-scratch visor;
  • Microlock ratchet chin fastening;
  • Pinlock Anti-Fog insert;
  • Active Tilt visor mechanism for better sealing and larger Pinlock surface area;
  • Tool-free quick-release visor mechanism with completely sealed visor;
  • Lexan anti-scratch visor with locking/opening tab;
  • Eyewear Adaptive pad system for use with prescription glasses;
  • Clima-Comfort anti-bacterial microfiber liner;
  • Air Booster Vent system with multiple internal channels and exhaust vent; and
  • Removable chin curtain.

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