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New Continental tyre breaks in quickly

Continental SportAttack 3 tyres breaks in quicklyIf you’re a bit impatient about riding on your new tyres, German tyre company Continental has updated their popular motorcycle sports tyre with the SportAttack 3 that includes fast break-in technology.

It’s called Traction Skin that uses no greasy release agents on the tyre and leaves the tyre with a dry and tactile tread surface for what they claim is the fastest break-in period in the world.

That would also make it a bit safer for riders who push their tyres a bit too much when they are new.


Australian importers Ron Angel Wholesale (RAW) now have the tyres from $229 for the front and $289 for rears.

RAW national manager Grant Sammut says Continental makes “the most underrated tyres on the market”.

“As a way of qualifying this statement,  the previous model – Sport Attack 2 – won the shootouts in Motorrad and PS magazines, and the new Sport Attack 3 is a much improved tyre – already winning shootouts in Fastbikes and Motorrad magazines.”

One of the new features that Conti have listed in the new SportAttack 3 is “GripLimit Feedback”.

“For sure this is a hard feature to qualify, so it needs a little explanation,” Grant says.

“For those of you have ridden on any of the modern generations of Conti tyres (Road Attack 2, Road Attack 2 EVO, Sport Attack 2 and others), you will understand the exceptional handling and feedback that Conti tyres provide to the rider thanks to the combination of the tyre’s profile and construction.

“GripLimit Feedback is an extension of this – ensuring that the rider can feel what the tyre is doing while pushing hard and reaching its limits – rather than just getting a surprise highside.”Continental SportAttack 3 tyres breaks in quickly


The SportAttack 3 also features “Multi-Grip Technology” which is claimed to provide a seamless transition between the softer compound on the side of the tyre to provide more grip to the optimum harder compound in the centre of the tyre for longer life.

The tyres are made with a compound of carbon black for grip and fast warm-up and silica for better wet grip and wear characteristics. 

Rain Grip also has a very dense molecule structure to prolong tyre life.

Their patented Endless Zero degree belt construction is claimed to increase stability and increase feedback to the rider and they claim their tread pattern gives better wear, better wet drainage, higher stability, shorter breaking distances and more efficient acceleration.          subscribe today

  1. Have a mate running these on his HP4 and loves them. Expecting ~5000km out of them, the “conti attack” is almost all worn off and he’s done ~800km on them.

  2. Fast break-in could be quite a selling point.
    I recall my favourite bike tyre shop had a substancial photo gallery on the wall showing *lots* of bikes that crashed at or near the front door after getting a new tyres, and in my experience the nice shop people are very diligent and emphatic in their warnings about new tyres.
    Some people have to learn the hard way.

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