Gladstone British motorcycle

New British motorcycle company

The first brand-new bespoke British motorcycle manufacturer since Hesketh in 1984 is about to hit the UK market.
Gladstone Motorcycles will produce limited runs of hand-built motorcycles.
The Gladstone No. 1, a Metisse framed, Triumph-powered, bobber will be unveiled at Salon Prive motor show in London on September 4.
Only 22 of the 1950s-styled bike will be produced. No more details are available until the official launch, but it appears to be powered by a Bonneville engine.
The Gladstone No. 1 British motorcycleThe single-seat bike has a hardtail rear, sprung tractor seat, drum brakes, cradle frame, chain drive and a single speedo.
Prices have yet to be announced.
The bike company is named after William Ewart Gladstone, Britain’s Tory Prime Minister from 1809-1898.
Company CEO is Henry Cole, TV presenter of World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides (Travel Channel Worldwide) and The Motorbike Show (ITV4) who is also the great great nephew of the former PM. He says his lifelong dream has always been to launch a British motorcycle.
The Gladstone No. 1 British motorcycleThe company will also produce The Gladstone “Cinder Path Racer” bicycle and a collection of Gladstone-designed luxury clothing and accessories including jackets (pictured below), gloves, helmets, goggles and tweed caps.

Gladstone British motorcycle jacket

  1. Would have been better in a T140 frame, not a hardtail, and also fitted with proper mudguards, rear light, indicators and a luggage rack. Keep to a roundish/tear-drop shaped petrol tank that would look nicer than original T140 slab-sided UK spec and be a little wider than the too narrow US spec Bonnie tank, but without being as bulbous as the Hinckley version. Twin discs on the front. Spoked wheels. E/S start (bad knee). Oh, and I’d prefer a right-hand gear change. And make it a single-carb TR7 instead of T140. That should do. All I need now is the £10 – 20 grand it’s likely to cost!

  2. Can’t say I like anything about the Gladstone. If they build 22, it would be 21 too many. Tweed cap sounds nice, though . . .

  3. Haven’t we progressed from this type of motorcycle? Why don’t we bring back the model T Ford or the P76?

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