Les Nyerges
Les Nyerges

New Aussie motorcycle YouTube channel launches

Thailand’s loss is Australia’s gain with expat Aussie Les Nyerges returning Down Under after 27 years in Thailand creating successful motorcycle and travel channels on YouTube.

Les returned to Brisbane earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and hasn’t been able to return.

“I’ve still got a tub of unopened yoghurt sitting in the fridge,” he says.

“And then there’s my Ducati Monster 795 that I’m desperately missing.”

Les Nyerges
Les Nyerges and his Ducati Monster in happier times in Thailand

Les doesn’t know when he will be able to return to Thailand, so he has decided to start an Aussie-based motorcycle and travel lifestyle channel called Living for the Ride.

And I get to star in the very first edition as the founder of Motorbike Writer. 

I can’t say I’m the most inspiring subject with some even going so far as to say it’s four minutes of their life they will never get back!
However, you have to admit the production values are excellent.

A nd so they should be; Les’s Capital TV company in Thailand produced more than 1000 travel shows which have also been aired on cable TV in Thailand and throughout South East Asia. His YouTube channels also have more than 26,000 followers.

In Australia, Les has established Destination Productions and he has a load of ideas for more videos about Aussie motorcycling.

That has to be a bonus for riders starved of great online video content!

One of his upcoming videos is a fascinating look at a former racer who is returning to the sport to try to crack the lap record at Warwick’s Morgan Park track. We won’t give the ending away … 

Meanwhile Living for the Ride also features a good library of SEA riding videos from his other channels, so there is plenty to get you excited about this YouTube channel.

Les hopes it may eventually turn into an Aussie TV show.

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