Murphy's Law of riding in the rain drivers

Murphy’s Law of riding in the rain

When it comes to motorcycles and wet weather, Murphy’s Law prevails.

For those who don’t know, according to Google, Murphy’s Law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

And isn’t that typical of riders being caught out by the weather!

So we have put together 10 rules that should be included in the Murphy’s Law Book.

Murphy’s Law of riding in the rain:

1: If you’ve just polished all the chrome on your bike, including an hour each per spoked wheel, it is bound to rain in the next couple of days.

2: If you have forgotten to pack your wet weather riding gear, you are bound to be caught in a sudden downpour far from any shelter such as a service station of bus shelter.


Murphy's Law of riding in the rain
Mrs MBW has struggled into her wet gear with her handbag tucked underneath.

3: If you have cut down on your packing to squeeze your wet weather gear into your luggage, then you are guaranteed a dry ride.

4: When it does start raining you are out of town and nowhere near any decent shelter where you can put on your wet gear without getting wetter.

5: So you stop under a tree which isn’t much shelter and struggle for the next 10-15 minutes taking off your boots to get your wet pants on and squeezing into your rain jacket.

6: Your mates are already in wet gear and don’t stop to help you because they stay drier if they are moving rather than stationary.

7: Without your mates to help you, and with your jacket and pants getting wetter by the second, it’s almost impossible to pull them on by yourself.


Murphy's Law of riding in the rain
Sun’s out so time to take off the wet gear

8: As soon as you have struggled to get into your wets, the rain stops.

9: Now you’re sweating from the effort of getting your gear on plus the extra effort of trying to catch up to your mates. Now the sun is out and you’re absolutely boiling in your wets like a cooked spud.

10: You get so hot, you take off your wets and as soon as your pants and jacket are totally wind-dried, it starts raining again.

Murphy's Law of riding in the rain
Somewhere over the rainbow … it’s not raining.
  • How many of these “laws” have you encountered, or do you have more to add?
  1. How about:

    A small plastic box with a small can of WD40 and either Aerostat or Nulon “Start you bastard” is your very close and caring friend.

  2. you left out when you get a new set of hoops fitted it rains as you pull out of the shop. I’ve had this on 2 new bikes and 3 sets of tyres

  3. In regard to pints 5 to 8, I can swear by the excellent rain suit from Jackson Racing in Victoria, Australia. I have ridden in the suit in seriously wet conditions and stayed dry. My feet still got wet in the boots, and the same for the gloves, but the body was warn and dry.
    And most importantly if you have packed it unzipped, as is recommended, it takes 30 seconds to step into the suit with you boots on, and zip up. Believe me I have tested it and 30 seconds is about standard.

    Well worth the $$$ in the eyes of this happy customer, who also wears their FCJ kangaroo skin perforated jacket in summer and their Tourmaster one in winter.

  4. When you think you’re all wrapped up and ready for the rain, you ride off and discover that your “100% waterproof” riding gear doesn’t live up to the hype, and you have to explain that you didn’t piss yourself.

  5. Yes x 10 – and didn’t pack the rain cover for the sheep skin seatcover…… yeah, I know, teach me for being a sook with a fluffy seat……..

      1. Comfortable they are……
        I had never used them before, AirHawks being my usual bit of anti numb bum prevention, until a mate of mine put a set on his bike and my “she who must be obeyed” saw them…
        We live just north of Townsville in the tropics and on our last holiday we went down to Melbourne – 3,200km down and 3,600km back with not the slightest hint of discomfort.
        At first I thought they would be hot but I was wrong, the complete opposite.
        Its cool to be a sook…..
        Stay safe.

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