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Mudguard design rule sanity prevails

Unsightly long rear mudguards will soon be a thing of the past under new moves to remove unnecessary red tape requiring new motorcycles to meet Australia’s arcane design rules.

The new change involves removing the mudguard extension specification from the national vehicle standards or Australian Design Rules (ADR). It is a rare and sensible display of agreement between Australian and state/territory governments.

The design rule has no bearing on vehicle safety and will mean almost 70,000 new motorcycles no longer require retro-fitting with rear mudguard extensions every year.

design rules

The government claims the ADR change will save the industry $14.4 million in compliance and manufacturing savings every year, leading to lower prices for new motorcycles. I doubt it, but maybe if they dropped some of the other requirements such as blinker lens colours, number plate placement, etc, it might begin to have an effect on bike prices.

The new design rule move is in line with the Australian Government’s response to the Productivity Commission’s Report on Australia’s Automotive Manufacturing Industry to “accelerate harmonising” of ADRs with United Nations Vehicle Regulations, so hopefully those other issues will soon be addressed.

However, don’t get too excited thinking this is carte blanche for chopping your rear fender. You will still need to comply to all structural modifications.

Some sanity seems to be prevailing in design rule bureaucracy of late as this follows recent changes in NSW to the similarly arcane design rules about how far indicator lights have to be from each other.

  1. You mean to tell me that you weren’t impressed and maybe even sltglihy intiminated with the wanna-be Jason Statham British tough guy voice? I know the Triumph sport bikes have the aluminum frames and this one seems to be very similar in style. But, in the line drawing, the frame appears to be of much smaller diameter tubing than the Speed/Street Triple aluminum frames which makes me think it very well could be steel.

  2. Pff. Misery and dispair… Only if you’re a dole bludger, criminal or union official. Qld government (also Liberal purveyors of ‘misery and dispair’) have also recently changed laws to permit lane splitting. The bigger picture is that we now have a government with a focus on deregulation and it’s a bout bloody time. Well done sirs!

  3. Seems like some sort of trade off with the new learner rules. Eg make them wear a fluro vest and we’ll drop the mudguard. Hahaha

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