Joe Rider

Motorists urged to look for Joe Rider

Riders in Australia’s capital are asked to wear vests with “JOE” on the back while riding around Canberra streets to make motorists aware of motorcyclists.

It’s part of the Motorcycle Riders Association of the ACT Motorcycle Awareness Week 2015.

President Jen Woods says motorcycle and scooter riders often hear “Sorry Mate, I didn’t See You” from a motorist who has either hit a motorcycle rider or had a near miss.

“It’s an all-too-common story,” she says.

So the MRA ACT started their awareness week several years ago. This year the week is being observed from Saturday, October 24.

“We ask all road users to look for JOE and log their sighting at [email protected],” Jen says.

“Joe can be on the road any time of the day or night so always be alert and watch out for Joe. If you see JOE, you have seen a rider.”Joe Rider

As in previous years, those who spot Joe go in the draw for a ride in a hot air balloon within the winner announced on November 1.

Motorcycle Awareness Week will also remind other road users that a two-year Lane Filtering Trial started this year, allowing riders to filter between slowing (less than 30 km/hr) or stopped traffic.

Following on from their successful rider forum last year, on Wednesday evening October 28, MRA ACT will run another free public forum with the theme “What about the Cotter?” referring to the famous Cotter RD favoured by riders.

Speakers will include representatives from the police, government, rider training organisations and local Cotter residents.

On Friday, October 30, the MRA ACT will host a Bikers Breakfast in front of the fountain on King Edward Terrace in front of Old Parliament House from 7am.Joe Rider

“The MRA ACT is committed to raising awareness of riders on our roads, but also reminds riders to take responsibility for their safety on the roads – stay visible, be predictable, ride to the conditions,” says Jen.

  1. personally i think a sign saying “don’t cut me off and i won’t f——g kill you ” would
    work ,or ‘your mobile phone is more dangerous than this bike”

    1. I reckon a sign saying “don’t cut me off and i won’t f——g kill you ” or “Look out for Joe Rider” may help awareness but noone is fully aware all of the time so comes back to how aware is the other driver/rider to try and mitigate the risk. Then there’s the kamikeze’s knowingly distracting themselves with smartphones.

  2. There should be a campaign where people just need to watch YouTube videos of crashes for an hour a week aside from the entertainment factor it is very instructive on what is bad driving. I am a good driver and even better than most good drivers because I ride but I have improved thanks to YouTube reminding me of things I can improve on.

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