Shaun Lennard political
Shaun Lennard

Motorcyclists gain a sympathetic political voice

Motorcyclists in Australia have just received a significant political voice with the appointment of Shaun Lennard as a media adviser for the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party’s Senator.

Senator Ricky Muir of Victoria says Shaun will bring “extensive experience in a range of areas to my office: in media, motoring, motorcycling – indeed all aspects of road transport, as well as broad political and public sector experience.”

The appointment comes after failed attempts over the past couple of years to create the Motorcyclists Australia Party.

Shaun has been the honorary chairman of Australia’s peak motorcycle rider organisation, the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC) for the past nine years, and is a keen Kawasaki fan and proud owner of a 1980 Z1000R.

He also has extensive experience as an advocate for motorcycling both in Australia and overseas, attending and speaking at many international conferences.

Previously, he was a member of the national council of the sport organisation, Motorcycling Australia, for 15 years. Shaun is also a member of the board of the Baskerville Foundation, which has been raising funds to ensure the continued operation of Australia’s oldest permanent motor racing circuit, Baskerville Raceway near Hobart.

He stood down from his role with the AMC prior to commencing in Senator Muir’s office today (Monday, October 5).

“This is not a decision I have taken lightly in now my 10th year as chairman,” he says.

“Needing to step down as AMC chairman was about the hardest part of deciding to accept the employment offer.

“Being chairman of the Australian Motorcycle Council has been the greatest honour I’ve experienced in my life – indeed it has changed my life. I thank everyone – all the various member delegates – for their support and loyalty over the past nine and a bit years.

“I wish the AMC and its member organisations all the best going forward.” 

Until early 2014, Shaun had also been a senior human resources consultant with a large public sector organisation and has recently worked as a self-employed motorcycle safety consultant. 

AMC secretary Tony Ellis has agreed to take over a presentation Shaun was due to make to the Australasian Road Safety Conference on the Gold Coast next week. The combined Austroads/ACRS conference in its first year has apparently attracted more than 600 delegates.

Shaun plans to write a reflection on his time as AMC chairman.

On a very short-term basis Phil McClelland from MRA SA will take up the position.

The AMC will call for expressions of interest from members to take on the chair for the rest of the year.

  1. Glad to hear that there is now a small voice in the distance as opposed to none at all.
    The trouble with motorcyclists is that two or three wheels and a motor may make a motorcycle but that doesn’t mean you get an homogeneous group. From the one percenters to scooter riders to weekend warriors to motocross to you name it, these groups seldom mix and some pride themselves on being antisocial or cliquey

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