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Motorcycles should use bus lanes in trial

A trial of motorcyclists using bus lanes should be introduced in Melbourne “to improve motorcycle safety and allow more efficient traffic movement”, says Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure, David Hodgett.

Riders can only legally ride in bus lanes in NSW and the ACT in Australia. In most states, only bicycles, taxis, limousines and emergency vehicles can use these lanes.

However, in several major cities around the world, including London, riders are allowed to use bus lanes.

Ahead of tomorrow’s state election, Hodgett says Melbourne’s population growth is “putting enormous stress on roads and traffic congestion and that negatively impacts everyone’s quality of life”.

Under the Liberal Nationals’ trial, motorcycles would initially be permitted access to south-bound bus lanes along Hoddle St between Victoria Parade and the Eastern Freeway and on the inbound bus lane of the Eastern Freeway.

Hodgett says they would add more routes in future.

melbourne bus lanes

Bus lanes trials

The plan follows a six-month VicRoads trial in 2011 where riders were permitted to use bus lanes on Hoddle Street during peak periods.

A report is now more than seven years overdue and riders are still not allowed in bus lanes.

Western Australia also ran a one-year trial for motorbikes and taxis in bus lanes from March 2015. The trial was extended to include Fitzgerald St bus lane up to October 2017.

Similarly, no report has been released except to say that there were a few minor crashes.

If there are concerns about safety, why are cyclists allowed to use these lanes in most states?

Cyclists in bike lanes ride to work day lane filtering bus lanes
Cyclists often get their own lanes anyhow

Surely cyclists are far more vulnerable because of the speed differential with motorised transport and their smaller profile on the road.

Allowing motorcycles and scooters to use bus lanes is not just another free kick for riders.

Like lane filtering, it would free up the rest of the road for other traffic, so it should be supported by all motorists.

And motorcycles would not hold up buses as would slow-moving cyclists who are allowed to use them.

The option of using a bus lane would give lane-filtering riders an alternative to the sometimes dangerously small gaps between lanes of traffic.

Cities that allow riders to use bus lanes

Bus lane in use in London lane filtering happiest commuters A British survey has found that riding a motorcycle makes you safer on a bicycle and vice versa, while other surveys show riders are the safest motorists. kerb motorists
Riders can use bus lanes in London

Motorcyclists have been allowed to use bus lanes in London, Bristol, Belfast and the Netherlands for many years. Aberdeen in Scotland is now trialling their use.

Many other cities are not included simply because they do not have bus lanes.

In 2016, Tel Aviv opened its bus lanes to riders after a six-month trial. It showed that motorcycles, buses and taxis can coexist in the same lane.

“Under all circumstances examined, including at corners and next to bus stops, the new arrangements did not substantially change or aggravate the ‘conflict’ between two-wheeled vehicles and other vehicles. All potential conflicts were resolved without incident,” the report said.

Israel is now rolling it out throughout the country.


  1. In Melbourne, in addition to Hoddle Street south bound, motorcyclists can also use the Hoddle Street north bound bus lane … the appropriate signs are up, and have been for some months.

  2. This ‘policy announcement’ by the liberals was pathetic. Their exciting new policy is to support a trial of motorcycles using two bus lanes. One of which is Hoddle Street, the very same bus lane that motorcyclists have been able to use as part of a ‘trial’ since 2011. So this election policy is 50% something that was done 7 years ago. And this genius alternative government wonders why a voters turned away from these clowns in droves last weekend…

  3. Absolutely. I ride in sydney on my motorcycle pretty much everyday and the use of bus lanes is safe and very efficient. Saves my time on my journey to work which makes me more productive for my employer and also save on fuel costs and ultimately emissions. Governments need to wake up!

  4. Perth has a number of bus lanes that motorcyclist can use too. Not a blanket coverage, so signs are up at lanes that can be used.

    1. Agreed Attila, considering there are not that many bus lanes in the west I did notice that the one along South St does have signs that indicate bikes are allowed to use it.

      1. Same goes for the Beaufort Street bus lanes, but the traffic light lanes on Great Eastern Hwy only allow buses, taxis and bicycles.

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