Motorbikes help jobless

Motorcycles and scooters are doing their bit to help the unemployed.
British organisation Wheels 2 Work in East Sussex has launched a transport loan scheme where motorcycles, mopeds or electric cycles are offered to people out of work.
The idea is that the bikes will help them get to job interviews or job training and won’t cost them a fortune.
They are not only economical, but also easy to park close to work or interviews.
Isn’t it great that motorcycles can be seen as a solution to not only transport issues, but also unemployment?
Seems like a worthy scheme that could be rolled out in other countries around the world.
The British scheme is funded by the government’s Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund. I’m sure a similar scheme in Australian urban centres could also attract subsidies from innovative motorcycle companies as well.
The loaned vehicles are checked every six weeks for safety and reliability with an option to buy the vehicle on loan after three months, so it could lead to bike sales.

  1. Reblogged this on Thorn Diaries and commented:
    This option to ‘buy’ after 3 months, must be an extension to already successful wheels to work moped loan scheme they already run in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire. Whereby anyone between the ages of 16-18 can apply to loan a 50cc moped for 6 months for £20 per week includes insurance, road tax…all they have to do is add fuel. Plus full motorcycle clothing hire is optional/available at £5 per week. The scheme also extends to the hire of 125cc motorbikes for £30 per week on the same basis.
    Great schemes, little publicised in this area…unsure of the take up rate numbers…. Would be fantastic to see more youngsters becoming involved! I think all CBT test centres should advertise and promote the scheme!

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