World record at Goondiwindi
World record at Goondiwindi's Customs House

Motorcycle world record for Goondiwindi

A new world record for the most number of motorcyclists through a museum has been claimed in Goondiwindi.

Twenty-seven riders rode their way into the record books over the June long weekend at the Goondiwindi Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Bikes Festival.

A world record did not exist, so any n dumb er that rode through set the record and the organisers are hoping to better it next year.

Customs House Committee president David McMahon says that as proof of the world record each rider was photographed as they rounded a witch’s hat placed within the grounds.

David says riders came from coastal northern New South Wales, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gilgandra, Narrabri, Moree and, of course, Goondiwindi.

“It shows that motorcyclists are a loyal bunch of people that aren’t afraid to travel to experience different places and events and this turnout proves the point,” he says.

“Next year we are aiming a lot higher. We hope we can get over 100 perhaps even 150 riders, and fill the streets surrounding the Customs House with motorcyclists from near and far.

“This event will grow over the years as more and more motorcyclists join in the fun of setting a world record.”

Riders paid $5 each to participate in the ride with proceeds going to the upkeep of the historic facility.

Motorcycles played a significant part of the festival with a show and shine and historic bike displays.

Geoff Sheather cleaned up the show and shine with best in show and people’s choice awards with trophies from Victory Motorcycles Australia and New Zealand Brisbane.

The festival may be shifted to another date next year as the new government has shifted the Queen’s Birthday holiday to later in the year.

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