sliding seat slides

Motorcycle seat slides with the rider

Imagine a seat that slides with the riders when they move sideways out of their seat for corners or forward and back for aerodynamic effect.

Now Finnish engineering company Etteplan has received a patent for a seat that slides sideways and forward and back with the rider.

The seat has been tested by disabled Finnish racer Ulla Kulju who was paralysed at 15 in a snowboarding accident.

sliding seat slides

She works as a Senior Design Engineer at Etteplan and is the world’s first paraplegic female motorcycle racer, coming sixth in the disabled world championships 2017.

Perhaps it would be useful for disabled riders, but we’re not so sure it would be useful for other riders.

What would prevent it sliding around and upsetting the rider’s control?

The company says the invention would be useful for all racers and helped Ulla improve her lap times.

Not only has the patent been granted for the seat, but also the manufacturing process as it is 3D printed in one piece.

Printing motorcycle parts on 3D printers looks like being the future of motorcycling for precise and cheap manufacturer.

  1. You ask:
    What would prevent it sliding around and upsetting the rider’s control?
    Presumably whatever stops it doing that when Ms Kulju rides with it. I would imagine it is a bit stiff and only slides under pressure being applied.

  2. Very novel idea. I assume it is spring loaded to the central position or does it get driven by lean angle and speed.?

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