MotoFly Wear motorcycle glasses

Motorcycle rider glasses promise no pain

Have you found your sunglasses or prescription glasses cause pain around your temples or the back of your ears from being jammed inside your helmet?

Or do your glasses continually slip down your nose, or vibrate with the engine and wobble with the bumps in the road causing blurred vision simply because they don’t fit properly under your helmet?

Your problems may now be solved by Hungarian optician and rider Szabolcs Turi.

He has spent two years creating MotoFly Wear glasses which have interchangeable arms that don’t sit all the way inside your helmet. They look like they would be compatible with most types of helmet.

“You won’t even feel the glasses when they are on their place,”Szabolcs says.

He claims they prevent pain because the bigger surface distributes the pressure and prevents them from vibrating dangerously.

They feature a Micro Steel system that holds on to the helmet’s padding like claws and Air Bubble Nose pads that “adhere” to your nose to keep them in place.Motofly Wear motorcycle glasses

“MotoFly Wear’s story started when I was riding together with my friends, and saw them suffering from the pain caused by their glasses,” he says.

“They wanted to see the road, but they didn’t want to spoil the enjoyment of the ride. One of my friends found his glasses so uncomfortable, so he risked driving without them.”MotoFly Wear motorcycle glasses

You can wear MotoFly glasses as normal “street” glasses, then swap the arms over for the rather weird-looking “moto” arms that apparently sit more comfortably in front of your ears.

The first prototypes of the special bikers’ glasses were introduced at the 2016 Budapest Motor Festival and now Szabolcs has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to go into mass production.

You can make a pledge and receive a pair plus some special gifts such as a neck tube, or buy them outright for €129 as an early bird Optics special with clear lenses you can have made into prescription lenses, street and moto arms, reflex red and yellow quick-change lenses, a bag and a cleaning cloth.

For €149 you can get the Sun special which also includes reflex red and yellow lenses. The Alpha model has black frames and the Venus model is red.

Motofly Wear motorcycle glasses

But don’t get too excited just yet as the Kickstarter began on April 18 and so far only nine backers have pledged €1392 of the €65,000 goal needed with 26 days to go.

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