Motorcycle predictions for 2018

While 2017 was a rollercoaster year for motorcycles, our predictions for 2018 are much more positive.

But let’s start with a quick recap on the rollercoaster ride in motorcycling during 2017.

Good and the bad of 2017

  • For the first time since the GFC, motorcycle sales were down for three consecutive quarters and we don’t expect the last quarter to have rectified the problem;
  • Victory Motorcycles was axed;
  • Erik Buell Racing finally disbanded and was sold off;

    Erik Buell and MotorBikeWriter predictions
    MBW with Erik Buell in rapier times
  • Bimota has also wound down production and is expected to go bankrupt (yet again!);
  • MV Agusta had liquidity problems all year and was finally saved by Russian investment;
  • Touratech filed for bankruptcy, but was bailed out of insolvency by interior design and accessory manufacturer Happich;
  • Ducati has spent the last couple of years on the verge of being sold and seems to have held on … for now;
  • Old brands such as Lambretta, Jawa and BSA became set for a resurrection; and
  • Harley-Davidson axed the revolutionary V-Rod.

    2002 Harley-Davidson V-Rod developed with Porsche events predictions
    Original 2002 Harley-Davidson V-Rod developed with Porsche

Our (hopeful) predictions for 2018

  • There will be a resurgence in sales of learner bikes in Australia with the introduction of more suitable models;
  • Head-up display helmets and aftermarket units will finally hit the market and will turn riders into much safer motorists;

    CrossHelmet smart helmet HUD bluetooth predictions
    CrossHelmet smart helmet with HUD and Bluetooth
  • Valentino Rossi will finally score his 10th world championship against a resurgent Ducati and retire;
  • Harley-Davidson will continue its model offensive with 10 new models including a modernised Sportster range and a  Bronx, 48X and Pan America, all names they have recently trademarked;
  • Suzuki and Honda will introduce turbo motorcycles that will rekindle the interest in sports bikes;
  • MV Agusta will stage a comeback from financial troubles to reveal a lust-have range of new four-cylinder bikes; and
  • BMW will introduce an affordable electric motorcycle with adequate range and recharging times.
      1. Those new 2018 Electric Harley Electric’s will have a bass woofer speaker fitted in the fake pipe’s with an endless loop playing of ‘potato patato patato’ that get’s more strident with more throttle grip twisting. The handle bars will be fitted with an electric vibration device to mimic the traditional shake at idle, with a vibrator pad under the heated seat.
        There will be random engine failure timer to strand you at an inconvenient place and time linked via GPS to activate far from home and preferably at night when raining.

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