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Great Ocean Road country Instagrammed
The Great Ocean Road along Victoria’s spectacular southern coastline has been rated the world’s most recommended motorcycle route, according to a British online insurer survey. Confused.com consulted Adventure Biker and... Read More
Compass Expeditions tours screened on TV
Just eight months after the COVID pandemic claimed Australian bike travel company Compass Expeditions, they are restarting in 2022. Bikes Abroad owner Brent Thomas and business partner Ben Willcox have... Read More
Volcon Runt
American Powersports manufacturer Volcon has officially announced the Volcon Runt, a fat wheeled kids bike that looks ready for an apocalypse. Are you looking for an additional way to get... Read More
noise noisy exh plate machismo crackdown
Motorcycle noise limits should be standardised to “power equipment” levels of 115dB, according to a petition to the Queensland Government. The petition is in response to the Motorcycle Advocacy Group (Qld)... Read More
mobile speed camera
While fixed speed cameras that measure your average speed between two points have been common across Australia for several years, WA is about to start trialling mobile version. These cameras... Read More
Melbourne CBD traffic
As experts have predicted, traffic congestion is increasing in many cities around the world post-lockdown as commuters steer away from public transport to private cars. The latest example is Melbourne... Read More

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