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Yamaha Motor Australia has issued a recall for its 2016-2020 FJR1300 tourer over an issue with the transmission. The official recall notice, issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, says second gear may fail “due to excessive stress loading during shifting”. “If there is a failure to change gears... Read More

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Powerpaste hydrogen fuel
A chemical stored like toothpaste could be the future fuel fr motorcycles and scooters. The “Powerpaste” stores hydrogen, rather than in a volatile gas form which requires heavy pressurised tanks... Read More
Sena 3S Plus Box
Sena has now launched the Sena 3S Plus Universal and 3S Plus Boom into the market. The upgrade comes to replace one of Sena’s original headset units, the Sena 3S. ... Read More
noise noisy exh plate machismo crackdown
Concerns that motorcycle riders are being harassed by police ssun g a barrage of vehicle defect notices seem to be at odds with official data. Last month, the Queensland-based Motorcycle... Read More
Oli Bayliss
The son of Australia’s three-time World Superbke champion, Troy Bayliss, will contest the entire 2021 Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) aboard the DesmoSport Ducati V4 R. Oli started racing in the... Read More
Wire rope barrier with John Nelson 'comb'
Recycled plastic inserts that look like combs could make wire rope barriers safer for motorcyclists, says a long-time motorcycling advocate. Motorcycle Safety Consultant John Nelson, 63, has long campaigned against WRBs... Read More

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