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This Novus carbon-fibre electric motorcycle weighs just 110kg and has only 100km of city range, yet it costs a whopping $US46,000 (about $A63,000). That’s even more than the expensive Harley-Davidson LiveWire... Read More
rare bmws for auction
A collection of more than 20 classic BMW motorcycles, representing eight decades of the Bavarian machines, will hit the auction block this weekend in Switzerland. The Bonhams auction returns to... Read More
Better Deal Petition
Motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds are an ideal alternative to public transport as people social distance during the pandemic, says Australia’s first world motorcycle champion Wayne Gardner. In a second YouTube video to... Read More
BMW G 310 R
BMW’s small-displacement G 310 R has been a real winner for the last couple of years, but now the company is working on some new versions of the bike. The... Read More
Better Deal Petition
Riders deserve a better deal that includes free tolls and parking, and lower rego and insurance to encourage more people to ride and ease congestion and strains on road and... Read More
Electric Chopper
Now you can be an Easy Rider commuter on this WYLD mini electric chopper from Brisbane-based electric light vehicle company EMoS, formerly known as e-Motion Concepts. The e-Moped, which can... Read More
theft lock grinder steal thief motorcycle theft
Motorcycle theft fell a surprising 2.7% to 9021 in the past financial year (2019/20) while overall Australian motor vehicle theft increased 2% to 56,312. It appears motorcycle thieves stayed home... Read More

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