Pink Hello Kitty Ducati Scrambler revenue male slips
That's an unusual pink slip!

Is your motorcycle male or female?

Many riders name their bikes, some of them giving them a male or female name, but psychologists say the “sex” of your bike depends on the rider.

When motorcycle manufacturers ascribe gender model names they are male: Fat Boy, Fat Bob, Chieftain, Scout, etc.

2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob male
Fat Bob is definitely male

We couldn’t find any female model motorcycle names, although there are a few female scooter names such as the Vespa Stella.

Yet many riders refer to their bike with female pronouns – she, her – and even give them female names.

That’s not always true as we found when we published an article about naming your bike.

Male and female riders name their bikes with both male and female names.

However, the dominant gender of motorcycles seems to be female.

There are several theories on why this happens.


It could go back to the convention of sailors to refer to their ships as female and bestow female names. In ancient times they were named after goddesses who would protect them on their voyages. Most boats, trains and other vehicles are still given female names today.


Another theory suggests that it stems from languages such as French and German that give nouns gender. For example, “the motorcycle” is “la moto” in French and “la motocicleta” in Spanish where “la” bestows the feminine gender.

However, in Russian motorcycle (mototski) is masculine.

Ural forest camo male
Could a Russian Ural be anything other than male?


Another linguistic theory revolves around slang terms such as “she’s a beauty”, “she’s hot”, or “she really goes”.

If it’s a problematic bike it’s a “bitch” or a “whore”.

If it’s gorgeous, it’s a “babe”.

And if it will let anyone ride it, it’s a “skank”, “tramp” or a “tart”!

Gender stereotypes

TV bike cop Danny John-Jules stars in motorcycle show male
Pink is not necessarily feminine

At the risk of upsetting women and the LGBTQI community, there are theories that concern gender and sexual orientation stereotypes.

Some suggest that temperamental or unreliable machines are displaying female characteristics.

Since 90% of riders are male, there is also the relevance of developing a relationship with their bike as their “significant other”.

Heterosexual men may feel their masculinity is threatened by enjoying a ride on a male bike and would prefer throwing their leg over a female bike.

  • What sex is your motorbike? have some fun and leave your comments below.
  1. I like men, so I ride men, therefore my bike is a sexy man. I’ve had Alexander, Victor, now Randy. My car, a old Honda Accord is more like an old, loyal and reliable dog. LOL His name is Shady.

  2. Well I have 2 bikes 2017 Harley Street glide custom I named her Fury she is the car Christine grand daughter. My other bike a 2007 Honda VTX1300 is named Wind chaser

  3. jejejeje i have a ducati monster, and for me “he” is a male, the fuel tank looks like a sexy muscle male back, and i refer to “him” like “el monster”

  4. My first bike was a zzr250 pink bike. She was called Fairy. She was small and spritly and pink.
    My current bike is a big boy Vstrom called Hawkeye. He’s fast direct one eye’d and when I give him a twist he flies

  5. I have a 2006 CVO Screamin Eagle Fatboy. Even though she is a Fatboy I have determined it is a female. She is the Mercedes of all bikes so I have named her Sadie.

    1. And thus are you! Would you not name your dog or your kid? Someone who’s dependable and keeps you safe? Someone you love and respect? Because it’s an object should bare no difference.

  6. I’m a neutral person when it comes to my bike(s).

    The four Tigers I’ve owned have been Tigers neither male or female .

    My previous bike a F-3 CanAm Spyder was called a bitch a few times (sorry Ladies), it had a tendency to want to kill one .

    Now I’m astride a `Big British Beast` in the ripper shape of a Triumph Thunderbird ,I just love it (so it must be a Female bike ) !
    When I sling a leg over the rear mudguard getting on it , I’m rewarded with this huge Buttocks shaped (to me it is), fuel tank …..

    I sometimes wonder if I should put a pair of panties on it ,its so distracting and so lovely to behold .
    So this new bike (my 23rd), is a bit Female , but a for a name ……..Nah !

  7. My favourite horse was always a big strong fast stallion and similarly my favourite bikes have traits such as speed reliability and comfort although the responsiveness of handling can resemble the female argumentative lobe able to change tacks in an instant hmmmm so it is the heart and soul of a stallion and agility of a a supple mare

  8. As well as the Honda Valkyrie noted above, there is the Yamaha Virago. I know that word, because I have met one or two viragoes in my time…

  9. My Bonneville is obviously female. Being female myself, she is a good friend, always cheers me up, never tries to fix anything, is a good listener and never judges.
    Of course she’s a Bonnie so she must be female!

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