Motorcycle freedom petition – 1000

Petition picThe so-called “motorcycle freedom” petition has clicked over 1000 signatures since it was posted on eight hours ago.
Congratulations to all those who have so far signed. Please pass it on to all your friends and associates who value their freedom to associate with whomever they want and to ride motorcycles.
Click here to sign.
By the time we start our rally tomorrow at 9am in Canungra, we should be well on the way toward our goal of 10,000 signatures.
ABC TV conducted an interview with me today and it will air on the news at 7 tonight.
While there has been some criticism that we are paranoid about these laws, it is clear from the Attorney Generals’ interview today on ABC radilo that innocent riders will be caught up in the police harassment.
Click here to listen to the interview.
He’s done so many backflips he could represent Australia in the Olympic gymnastics.
When the legislation was first announced that riders in groups of three or more would be stopped by police he apologised that innocent riders would be caught in the net.
Then he said the police would only pull over bikies.
Now he agrees that innocent riders will be pulled over.
It’s been pointed out that the outlaw element needs to be curtailed and that the inconvenience of being pulled over is a small price to pay for our public safety.
Premier Campbell Newman likened it to being pulled over for an RBT.
However, any rider who has been pulled over for one of these licence checks knows that they can be detained for up to half an hour while they do a check, RBT and a roadworthy on your bike.
All this while standing in the hot sun in leathers.
Some day a veteran Ulysses member is going to expire while waiting for one of these checks.
Plus the frequent inconvenience could deter many from attending the many charity rides and from spreading their tourist dollar in regional areas.
Another concern is that this anti-bike rhetoric is driving a wedge between riders and the rest of society.
That could lead to vigilante road rage.
Former Member for Ipswich West and social campaigner against the Joh regime, Bob Gibbs, even went to jail for our civil rights.
He has been a motorcycle rider for 12 years and says that last weekend he was run off the road simply because he was on a motorcycle.
Bob is a great orator and will be one of the guest speakers at tomorrow’s rally.
See you there.

  1. Someone tried to run me off the road this morning heading towards Kalbar. Only my 38 years in the saddle saved me from coming off. I’ve never had this experience before. The experience shook me considerably.

    1. We’ve heard similar stories and are concerned that the loose rhetoric by the government will turn the public against all bike riders, not just outlaw bikies. That is why we not only want this discriminatory law revoked, but also some considered debate, rather than hot-headed Joh-talk. Bike riders also need to be consulted on issues that concern us, yet the MRAQ has not been asked to be invited to any discussions about laws that may adversely affect riders.

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