Brisbane free motorcycle footpath parking
Brisbane free motorcycle footpath parking

Motorcycle footpath parking to widen

The Gold Coast may soon join other progressive cities by introducing footpath parking for motorcycles and scooters after the council recently announced plans to investigate the proposal.

Footpath parking has been legal in Melbourne and Victoria for some years and has been introduced in more recent years in parts of Sydney and Brisbane, although with varying restrictions.

It is also common in many European and Asian cities and various New Zealand locations.

Footpath parking in Akaroa - quake city
Footpath parking in Akaroa, New Zealand

Parking on the footpath is not only convenient for two-wheel commuters but also opens up more parking spaces for cars and encourages more riders to commute to the CBD which frees up congestion.

It makes even more sense in tourist destinations such as the Gold Coast where a lot of tourists hire small-capacity scooters to get around.

Gold Coast Council estimates there are more than 5000 motorcycles and scooters in the region.

If the new rules are approved, it would be introduced in Southport, Burleigh, Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta, but not in areas where there is outdoor dining.

Footpath parking
Footpath parking in Melbourne

  1. Fun fact. Most of those cycles pictured above are parked illegally, as there is a requirement in Vic to not park against the side of buildings – so as to not obstruct the passage of visually impaired. The two at the back are the only legally parked bikes, provided they are not interfering with access to cars parked on the street.

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