Motorbikes know no boundaries

Motorbikes know no boundaries (rant)

One of the greatest things about motorbikes is that they know no religion, race, sexual preference, politics or other hateful boundaries.

Motorbikes are about freedom, not boundaries.

I come from an era of Easy Rider, free love, John Lennon’s Imagine, The Female Eunuch and freedom of expression.

The motorbike was my symbol of peace, love, equality and freedom.

Ok, I know I sound a little bit hippy, but what’s really so wrong with that?

To me, the motorbike is the ultimate hippy machine.

Riders often speak affectionately about the innate camaraderie of riders and how we never ask another rider about their job, religion, politics, etc.

Other riders are accepted simply because they are fellow riders.

However, I sense some hypocrisy in the ranks.

Why don’t we wave to all riders, why do we argue among ourselves and why do we wear badges, patches and stickers of hate and intolerance?

Unfortunately, there are too many homophobes, racists, religious bigots and misogynists in our ranks.

Take a look at this homophobic post on Facebook by English motorcycle retailer, Superbike Factory.Motorbikes know no boundaries - gay homophobic

It’s juvenile, unfunny and offensive to most people.

But mostly it’s offensive to riders who believe in the inclusive nature of riding motorbikes.

The post was later taken down and an apology issued.

It’s time to take down all bigoted posts, tear down the naked posters, stop calling people gay if they don’t ride as fast as you and stop flaunting symbols of hate, boundaries and segregation.

We need to be aware that riders come in all shapes, sizes, age, sex, religion, nationality, race, sexual preference, political belief …

If any group has the right and responsibility to be inclusive and tolerant of minorities, it should be motorcyclists.

After all, we’ve been society’s minority for years.

  1. my two cent’s worth ? motorcycle riders are a diverse disjointed lot & the government knows & exploits this.
    in relation to the scooter posts;
    I would like to own a tri city scrambler but it’s not available, yet!
    however the post by John pales in comparison to the sticker ” ride a scooter, die a virgin”
    – until then my gs 500 does it all, motorcycling’s best kept secret?

  2. You can only be inclusive of people that want to be included. If someone has no respect for me, my country or my flag then they deserve no respect in return.

  3. Ain’t nobody got time for that when you are living the dream…whether it be the daily commute, the weekend warrior, the sublime open roads or dusty tracks. I have no disdain of where you come from, I will share my trails, if you share yours. Just helmet on, visor down, ride on. Leave the insecure bullies to their vices…they obviously aren’t enjoying their ride. Peace out peace Lillie’s. Haha

  4. Of course none of this applies to scooter drivers who should get a real bike or get off the road! I bet even cyclists hate scooter drivers

    1. I’m sorry but it’s funny, when did we all loose our sense of humor? There again I ride a Guzzi so apparently I’m part of the ragged fringe so what would I know and after all if you don’t love it you can leave it what is wrong with that.

  5. That post you showed would hardly be in the “finest hour” category. Fairly ordinary really. I must be showing my age as I really dislike it.

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