Motorbike Writer birthday

Motorbike Writer celebrates five years

Today (May 26, 2018) marks the fifth anniversary of your free and independent motorcycle news service, Motorbike Writer.

To those who have been with us from the start, thanks for your loyalty and patronage.

Motorbike Writer now has about 10,000 visitors a day to the website, more than 25,000 social media followers and some 3500+ subscribers to our free weekly newsletter.

That’s a big community of motorcycle riders and fans.

It certainly seems to carry weight with some of the authorities who we know monitor Motorbike Writer for issues that affect riders.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they paid a bit more attention to the needs of riders rather than monitoring the media!

Some of the biggest issues we have covered over the past five years have been lane filtering, helmet laws, speed zones and exhaust noise.

Together with support from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers we have also seen some riders cleared of incorrect fines from police who don’t have a proper grasp of the laws.

Number one issue

Mrs MBW, the pillion in a million writer
Mr and Mrs MBW

The number one issue among riders seems to be safety.

We have covered many issues about safety and provided an extensive number of articles providing advice from experts on how to ride and look after your motorcycle.

The top three articles in the past fives years have been:

  1. Top 10 tips for washing your motorcycle 
  2. What are correct motorcycle tyre pressures? 
  3. What are the lowest motorcycle seat heights?    

Reader support

To keep this news service operating, we obviously need support from the motorcycle industry and our readers.

We would like to thank those in the industry who do support us, although they are few. It seems some companies do not like our honest and “robust” reviews of motorcycles, motorcycling products and the industry in general.

That suits us fine and we won’t be watering down our views and reviews.

But the biggest thanks goes to our readers for their support of our online shop.

On our birthday, we are going for a long ride to celebrate.

You can help celebrate by checking out our online shop and buying some of the gear we sell such as Alpine earplugs, Bamboo socks and jocks, t-shirts, keyrings, self-cancelling indicates and more.

Feedback to Motorbike Writer

Rather than rest on our laurels, we seek your feedback to become bigger, better, bolder and more relevant.

Tell us what you think, what you would like more or less of and leave your comments in the box below.

If you have a story to tell or want to give your club or charity event a FREE PLUG, please contact me via email by clicking here.

  1. Like most people I get plenty of emails every day. Most are quickly dispatched to the trash. But never the one alerting me to a new issue of Motorbke Rider.
    Yeh … and happy birthday!

  2. Congratulations and thanks for the work you do in keeping us all informed, regardless of what and how we ride.
    The diversity of Australian motorcyclists is reflected in the broad range of articles; after all, we can’t all ride Harleys!

  3. Congratulations on five years of great reporting. With best wishes for continuing the quality in the coming years.

  4. Happy fifth-anniversary Motorbike writer, your well scribed & informative pages are well read here, thank you 🙂

  5. Your articles are informative and the site includes a lot of information that isn’t readily found elsewhere, but I’m guessing some of your support must come from someone associated with Harley-Davidson, as there are rather too many articles on HD’s and they are always much more favourable than I suspect many opinions would be. Other than that small criticism, it is a good place to keep up with what’s going on in motorcycling.

    1. Hi,
      I agree there is an abundance of Harley articles, but they are the result of four factors:
      1 Harley is the most proactive company in supplying bikes for review and promoting itself with competitions and lifestyle events;
      2 They have been the top-selling road bike company in Australia (check out number 1 and you can see why!);
      3 They release a lot more new models than any other company (albeit most are just cosmetic changes/updates); and
      4 I have a lot of readers in the USA where Harley accounts for about half the market!

  6. Happy belated Birthday, MBW!!!

    As I no longer buy any motorcycle mags I really appreciate being able to jump online to check out the latest news & reviews.
    Here’s to another 5 years!
    Cheers 🙂

  7. A big THANK YOU to you, Mark and Mrs MBW, for what you do. No other website covers motorcycling issues and information as comprehensively as you do. I’m always amazed at the number or articles you produce. It must be a lot of work. I’m grateful that you let us have our say, even if we don’t always agree with you, and I enjoy reading the comments from others and learn a lot from them. What you do is very valuable to the motorcycling community. Please, keep up the good work.

  8. I think the format is pretty good, covers a lot of relevant topics. Would be interested in the sort of response you have received from companies that don’t like your reviews, do they get nasty about it or just take their bat and ball and go home?

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