Monkey steals motorbike fuel

Addicted monkey steals motorcycle fuel

Some of the best and strangest motorcycle videos come from India and now there is this YouTube video of a monkey stealing motorcycle fuel.

The chimp has been seen around markets in Panipat where riders have been complaining of empty fuel tanks.

They must have thought a thief was stealing the fuel.

Or perhaps vandals were just disconnecting the fuel hoses and having more fun than a barrel full of … well, you know.

And it seems he didn’t just target monkey bikes, but all sorts.

Eventually the merchants found the real culprit monkeying around with their bikes.

This monkey is apparently addicted to petrol, pulling the fuel hose out of the bikes and sipping the fuel before running away high on gas.

The chimp is certainly no chump. In fact, it’s a real grease monkey the way it knows how to disconnect the fuel hose.

However, it’s not that smart that it knows how to reconnect the hose.

Consequently the fuel leaks out on the ground.

Despite being high, the chimp is harmless and won’t eat bananas or other food offered.

Apparently the merchants got sick of the monkey business and shooed this guy away from their markets.

Let’s hope the little fella goes cold turkey and gets the addiction monkey off its back!

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  1. Monkeys are a major nusiance, they break into houses & wreck everything while people are away, damage gardens, interfere with equipment, you name it.
    If not chased away, they become very bold & attack people, & because they are mammals they carry rabies.

  2. It’s sort of funny but mostly sad.
    Behavioural scientists could have a field day with this but by the time they get there I doubt that monkey will still be around.
    Darwin 1 – Monkey Nil.

    1. Effects are similar for people working in petrol stations, ever think about what’s in all the odourless exhaust fumes you’re breathing while driving to work every day?

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