Mick Doohan video targets rider safety

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Five-time world motorcycle champion Mick Doohan features in one of two new RACQ videos aimed at reducing motorcycle crashes on our roads.Mick Doohan

The videos were instigated by the RACQ in the wake of crash figures showing riders are our times more likely to be involved in deadly crashes than cars. It also follows a recent spate of motorcycle crashes where the RACQ CareFlight Rescue chopper attended an average of more than one injured rider every three days.

The videos are part of a campaign to reduce the road toll of Queensland motorcyclists by making all motorists more aware of riders and drawing rider attention to their vulnerability with more than half of all motorbike crashes resulting in hospitalisation or death.

The second video features this writer’s views on motorcycle safety.


Mick Doohan crash video

RACQ Executive Manager Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding says motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable road users.

“Motorcycles aren’t as visible on the roads as cars and trucks, and riding a motorbike doesn’t offer the same level of protection as being inside of a car does,” Mr Spalding said.

“Unlike other vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, motorcycles travel at much higher speeds, which increases the severity of a crash.”

Mr Spalding encouraged all motorists to adopt a “sharing the road” approach.Mick Doohan

“Always check your blind spot and mirrors, give motorcyclists plenty of room and take the time to look, particularly at intersections,” he says.

“You don’t get another chance when you come off a motorbike, regardless of who is right or wrong – the motorcyclist is going to come off second best.”

So far this year, 29 motorcyclists have been killed on Queensland roads.




  1. I have found that experienced older drivers cannot identify the blind spots when I ask them to show me while they are sitting in the drivers seat…The blind spots need to be shown and explained in the media…just saying “check your blind spot” is not working. .. i am a 68 year old motorcycle rider and Driving Instructor/Assessor. .

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