Jake Dolan superbikes
Jake in action

Meet us at the World Superbikes and win

Motorbike Writer performance bike reviewer and former Southern Californian superstock champion Jake Dolan will be mixing with the racers and the crowd at the World Superbikes this weekend at Phillip Island.

Jake will be talking to his mates from the racing circuit, as well as walking through the crowds and bike displays over the weekend, carrying a stash of small prizes, including balaclavas, earplugs, keyrings and biker jewellery.

If you recognise him, just mention “Motorbike Writer” and he will reward you with your choice from the biker booty. (He may even be wearing a shirt!)

Jake Dolan exercises to be a fitter rider superbikes
Jake Dolan

Meanwhile, Jake will be updating our Motorbike Writer Facebook page and Twitter account throughout the weekend with the latest news, pit gossip and photos for those who can’t be there.

He may even give you tips of where the police roadblocks and speed traps are set up on the way to the Island!

Jake has been riding since the age of two, competed in Australia and America road-racing competitions and hopes to eventually race in World Superbikes, so he’ll no doubt be working on his business contacts this weekend.

His best racing results include 2013 Southern Californian Open Superstock 1000 champion, second in the 2013 Southern Californian Formula Twins championship, third in the Southern Californian Open Superstock 1000 championship and sixth in the 2010 Australian 600cc championship.

Jake Dolan superbikes
Jake in action

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