Long Way to Mexico for Ewan McGregor?

Could the next Long Way adventure for Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman be the Baja Peninsula in Mexico on Moto Guzzi Stelvio adventure bikes?

Surprisingly, the possibility arises in a short promo video Ewan has recorded for the launch of the Moto Guzzi California Eldorado stripped-down cruiser.

Moto Guzzi California Eldorado Ewan McGregor
Moto Guzzi California Eldorado

Toward the end of the video, Ewan talks about future motorcycle trips he’d like to do, although there is no specific mention of another Long Way trip with Charley.

“I’d love to do South America one day; all of it,” he says in the above video.

“But I think the next one will probably be Mexico or Baja. I’d like to explore Baja. I’ve never done it and I know a lot of bikers go there and it’s like good trails, good tracks, off road, on road. So I think that would be my next trip.”

Charley Boorman Ewan McGregor
Charley Boorman

I’ve interviewed Charley on several occasions and he has talked about a Long Way Up with Ewan from the tip of South America to the top of Alaska. He’s also talked about possibly competing in the Baja 1000.

He’s always said the problem with a third Long Way adventure is finding a long-enough gap in his long-time friend’s busy film schedule to slip in a trip.

After Long Way Round and Long Way Down, a Long Way Up would be the logical next step, but it would take several months. However, a shorter Baja trip could be more likely.

2014 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX ABS ewan mcgregor
2014 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX ABS

Despite Ewan riding on some gravel in the video, we couldn’t image he would ride through the Baja Desert on a California cruiser.

However the Moto Guzzi brand ambassador could do it on a Stelvio adventure bike, rather than another BMW!

Now that would be interesting and a boon for Moto Guzzi.

  1. Ride the Espana de Diablo/Spine of the Devil from Mazatlan to Durango. It is about 7 hours with no straight-aways!!! Awesome ride. My wife & I did a 6 month motorcycle tour of Mexico & that ride was our favorite.
    Greg & Rain Jewell

  2. Would love to see a Long Way Up movie. I’m really not sure why they would do it on any other bike than the GS though.

  3. Who would pay him to babble bs like this?

    Hollywood is a incestuous toilet where only the the most fake turds rise to the top.

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