Lockstraps prevent motorcycle theft

Motorcycle theft

A simple strap could help reduce motorcycle theft in Australia which has one of the highest rates in the world.Motorcycle theft

Lockstraps Australia are now importing Lockstraps from the USA which not only help secure your bike, but also your possessions.

There are several length of Lockstraps, all of which have combination-lock carabiners and an eight-braided stainless steel cable embedded along the entire length of the strap for added security.

While they won’t stop the professional thief, they will deter the opportunist thief who represent almost half of the 8000-odd bikes stolen nationwide each year. In Australia, 45% of stolen bikes are taken from the owner’s house, 31% from the street, 9.5% from a business, 4.3% from a carpark and 2.34% from a shopping centre. The recovery rate of stolen bikes is just 40.3%.

Motorcycle theft
Combination-lock carabiner

The main Lockstraps product is the 101 tie-down strap with two combination-lock carabiners on each end. There is also a short strap that can lock a helmet and jacket to your bike and a single carabiner you can use as a disc brake lock. Prices range from $18.95 to $59.95 which is cheap insurance for your prized possession.

Australia’s rate of motorcycle theft per 100,000 population is about 90, which is higher than  nine comparable OECD countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland and South Arica.

Motorcycle theft
Lockstraps disc lock

One thought on “Lockstraps prevent motorcycle theft

  1. I don’t like it, because I am worried I forget to take it out and damage my bike. Apart from that I would think the steering lock is good enough to deter opportunist. And like you said Pro come with a truck and no amount of gadget will stop them.
    I use Kewlocks on my Iso grip to lock up to 2 helmet and you can steal the helmet by simply cutting the straps but it does prevent the opportunist again from waking away with your helmet if left unlocked on your seat.
    my 2 cents worth

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