Lions TT ride delays

Should Lions TT go ahead in 2017?

Lions TT foundation members are considering the future of the event for 2017, amid concerns about disorganisation and the cancellation of the event this year.

The Lions TT Motorcycle Festival has had a chequered history since the first event in 2014 was cut short after crashes, the second ear was rained out and last year was cancelled.

Organisers are keen to go ahead in 2017 and say the key to the event is participation in a ride on one of the most famous motorcycle roads on the Queensland/NSW border.

Rider support

There is no doubt the many riders in this region are keen for a major motorcycle event.

There was a lot of support this year for the proposed Sunshine Coast International TT competitive event which was pulled after consultation with hostile locals.

The region has also not had a large motorcycle show since the Moto Expo in 2014 and the next one is not planned until March 2018.

Lions TT misnomer

Lions TT ride
Foundation members at the Lions Rd sign

One of the biggest problems the event faces is its name. “Lions TT” gives the impression of a competitive event which it has never been. The Lions Rd ride component was untimed and so was an associated drag event at Casino.

The misnomer has not only disappointed eager riders, but also stood in the way of police providing approval.

Perhaps it’s time to rename the event to something more relevant. Maybe even Lions Rd Motorcycle Festival would be better.

Authority support

Kyogle Council has been a big supporter of the event right from the start, jumping in to close the Lions Road in 2014 after the police refused permission.

The town has hosted an associated festival and is keen to continue supporting the event.

However, the big problem has been gaining official support from both Queensland and NSW police.

Queensland police are never going to lend support for the event as it encourages a large amount of motorcycle traffic right through the middle of a popular family camping ground.

Police close Lions TT course after crash
Queensland Police close Lions TT course after crash in 2014

Concentrating on just one state police department rather than two may yield better results.

Lions TT board members Edward Profke, Mark Luxford and John Biggs say they are working behind the scenes with lawyers to gain NSW police approval for next year.

Lions TT ride
Ed Profke, John Biggs and Mark Luxford

Event schedule

The organisers have certainly not been short of ideas for the event with the closed Lions Rd ride, motorcycle festival, drag “races”, escorted road and adventure rides, and even a suggested hillclimb event.

Critics have complained about having to pay to ride on roads they can ride for free, so there needs to be something extra.

The answer lies in you, the rider. We all love riding the roads in this region and we need a major motorcycle festival.

Please leave your comments below and we can guarantee the organisers will monitor feedback both here and on our social media pages.

  1. You say the Sunshine Coast TT was abandoned because of hostile locals it was not it was abandoned because the organisers were unprepared and lacked funding they were supposed to submit a safety audit to council and could not .
    Also if you know the route it was to take there was never any chance that part of
    a heavily used public highway was going to be closed for a motorcycle event

  2. I didn’t get my bike until early 2015, and have been looking forward to the event every year! I really hope it goes ahead in 2017. Agree on a name change, tt doesn’t suit and has connentations of speed and danger. I’m more than happy to pay for the ride, if your not than thats fairly tight considering the organisation involved and the opportunity to ride such a great road car free. Bring it on in 2017!

  3. Mate, I come from Kyogle and I agree that there needs to be a change to the perception of the event. Lots of people support the events being proposed in local areas but the “TT” has to go! it totally gives the wrong impression to everyone.
    Many riders travel this road from Brisbane and other areas on weekends and resent having to pay to do the same ride.
    Personally, I support the idea and don’t mind paying a bit to support motorcycling. After all, it helps us get known as fellow users of our roads and also helps raise awareness of the growing number of motorcyclists that regularly use these roads.
    Can’t see a problem really (other than the Police view of things).

  4. These Guys are a Joke.

    Charging people to ride on a road that can be ridden anytime for free.

    And the fact that they call it a TT is laughable.

  5. Yes it needs a name change. What’s in a name? Perceptions, and perceptions are everything. The idea is good, the location is good, it should work. However, maybe the perception of competition should be removed and replaced with the perception of a celebration and a party.

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