Lions TT: One of many bridges on the Lions Rd
One of many wooden bridges on the Lions Rd

Lions Rd closed for six months

Bad news for motorcyclists in South East Queensland and Northern NSW with the famous Lions Rd now closed to traffic for six months and then open to heavy traffic.

Not only will riders be unable to use the road, but the picturesque wooden bridges – some single lane – will be replaced by modern, two-lane, concrete bridges. They will have no load limits, allowing trucks and caravans to use the route.

While the work will help keep the road open in flood times, it may become a slower trip with riders hindered by slow-moving trucks and caravans using the shorter route.

Kyogle Council says the new bridges will help the local timber and beef industries, so we can expect logging trucks and cattle transports on the road.

The alternative route along the Mt Lindesay Highway and Summerland Way almost to Woodenbong is 24.3km longer, so we can expect many other interstate trucks and grey nomads to also start choosing the hilly Lions Rd.

Council says the bridges will help the tourism industry, but it certainly won’t help motorcycle tourism if the road is open to big trucks and caravanners.

Lions TTLions Rd closed for six months
Lions Rd scenery

Emergency access

Kyogle Council says the two-lane concrete bridges will mean faster and easier access for emergency vehicles.

Let’s hope that the improved road does not also come down with a dose of “white-line fever” with solid white and double-white lines painted along its length, preventing legal overtaking.

We expect either end of the Lions Rd from just south of the border crossing to near its intersection with the Summerand Way to be patrolled and barricaded with riders prevented from entering unless they are local residents.

Lions Rd closed
Lions Rd closures and detours

At times when the barricades are not staffed, riders may be able to slip past the barriers, but note that there will be gravel detours that may not be suitable for all motorcycles.

Even residents are advised that access to their properties is via Lynches Creek which is mainly gravel with sharp bends.

Adventure and adventurist riders may be able to get through.

Lions TT: 2015 Lions TT will attract adventure riders Lions Rd closed for six months
Adventurist riders may get through

While the Lions Rd TT was abandoned last year and there is doubt over its future, this work shouldn’t hinder it proceeding this year as it is usually held in September.

Council says the work should be finished before the end of June 2017.

  1. Arrrh c’mon, Mark and others: I discovered Lion’s 40 yrs ago, just as I discovered Mt. Nebo in March 1971. With both these roads (and likely many others), population pressures have forced changes upon them. Reduced speed limits (The Gap – Nebo – Glorious & beyond: once an open limit – now 70 k’s). As for the Lion’s Road – once a dreamy, rolling, curvy delight – but agribusiness pressures each side of the border just “has” to force changes.

    OK – some romantic, old timber bridges will be replaced – but how does that wreck the rideability of the road?

    As for ppl grizzling about “close calls”…. well “HELLOOOOOO” … how defensively and competently are you riding??? How well are you thinking ahead and adjusting your throttle / road position in anticipation of a surprise … ?

    So easy, isn’t it, to just barge along to the point of no return and then blame the farmer/tractor driver or a Grey Nomad caravan, all to compensate for your own (a) selfish stupidity, or (b) genetically-inherited low IQ.

    Here’s a thought: I’ll have no compunction about calling you out if I see any of the behaviour above.


  2. T’would be good if the Queensland Government or Beaudesert Council did some serious upgrading and resurfacing of the Mt Lindesay Highway.

  3. I’ve always thought that the Mt Lindesay road is a much better (and safer) bike road than the Lions Road and loads more fun.

  4. “At times when the barricades are not staffed, riders may be able to slip past the barriers” – well that’s a fucking smart thing to encourage isn’t it !!!!! Do you want to get people killed you idiot???

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