iQiKi LED phone alert

LED gadget alerts rider of incoming calls

Riders who don’t want the distraction of a phone call when they’re riding, but would like to know if they receive an important call or message can now use this LED device to alert them.

It’s called the iQiKi and it’s not yet in production, but the inventors have started an Indiegogo crowd-funding site to raise $US35,000 to begin manufacture.

Early bird prices are $US35 each and after the campaign finishes and they start production they will cost $US60.

iQiKi LED phone alert
iQiKi LED phone alert

Basically it’s just a small LED unit that you can stick to your bike’s instruments or handlebars, or clip to your jacket sleeve.

iQiKi LED phone alert

Through different LED signals, it will advise you of how important an incoming call or test message is according to how you prioritise your contacts.

It will even alert you to important social media messages and updates!

If it’s an important message, you can pull over safely and attend to it. If it’s not, then just keep riding.

The 12 bright LEDs should be clear even in bright sunshine.

I’ve tried riding with my phone in my pants or jacket pocket but you can’t hear it ring nor feel it vibrate because of the vibe from the bike. Besides, that still won’t tell you whether it is important or not!

iQiKi LED phone alert

iQiKi connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth and its battery will work up to six months with no recharge.

It measures only 19.5mm x 58.7mm x 7.2mm which means it is no thicker than most phones and about a 10th of the size.

You can also use it at work: Take it to meetings where phones are not allowed!

Manufacture is planned to start soon with the product shipping in early 2016.

  1. You could just pack the phone away and concentrate on enjoying the ride……(OK, I do know people with oncall work and urgent family responsibilities).

    Alternatively, you could just drive a car so you can check the phone and answer any messages without stopping ……oh wait…….maybe not.

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