Whopper lane filtering

Lane filtering a Whopper to drivers

Burger King now has motorcyclists lane filtering their Whopper burgers to hungry Mexico City drivers who can be stuck in traffic for up to five hours a day.

The delivery system is so popular Burger King is planning to extend the service to other cities with traffic problems such as Los Angeles, São Paulo and Shanghai.

Who knows! It could one day come to our traffic-snarled cities.

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The reason the Burger King system works is that motorcycles can lane filter, as this video shows.

Traffic Jam Whopper

They call the system the Traffic Jam Whopper and customers can order and pay on a special app while stuck in traffic.

It’s like an Uber system with GPS guidance for the delivery riders right to the driver’s window.

Drivers can also track their delivery and know when to open the window and receive their Whopper delivery.

Burger King say the system has been successful, resulting in a 63% increase in orders.Whopper lane filtering

What do you think?

Is this a good idea or not? We can see advantages and disadvantages in this system.

  • Would it be a great way for a motorcyclist to earn some extra pocket money during peak-hour traffic snarls?
  • Would commercialisation of lane filtering make the space between lanes too crowded if other fast food franchises latch on to the idea?
  • Would lane filtering become too dangerous for normal commuting riders?
  • Would more drivers become distracted by ordering and then eating food while in traffic?
  • Would it eventually lead to the much-appreciated lane-filtering road rule concession being revoked?
  • Would it make drivers happier and therefore more amenable to lane filtering, leading to a reduction in road rage toward riders?

Tell us what you think? Leave your comments in the box below.

  1. I wouldn’t believe this on the first of april. I’m still having difficulties believing this in may..

  2. It might be OK in Mexico to halt traffic (even if so slow) and deliver food in the middle of the road (literally) but I suspect it might be frowned upon in a more regulated country like OZtralia?
    And while I just can’t wait to chow down on the juicy burger (not sure it that is legal to do while driving) how I am going to deal with “call of nature” when stuck for hours in traffic?
    I have a feeling that this is a publicity stunt, no different than delivering pizza by drone 🙂

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