Kymco AK550 Dash distracted
Kymco AK550 dashboard

Kymco scooter has ‘smart’ dashboard

Facebook updates, weather reports, news and even a radar that tracks your riding mates are part of the futuristic smart instrument panel on the new Kymco AK550 maxi scooter.

But what, thee’s more on the “Noodoe” dashboard. It also greets you with your favourite photo, tracks missed calls and messages, directs you to the nearest fuel stop and can be personalised with colours and information.

It has smartphone connectivity so that it can alert you to weather warnings, the latest news, social media updates and messages via SMS or Whatsapp.

While some riders may be concerned that these displayed message are distracting, the rider can program what information they want to see and exclude what they don’t.

Still, it’s a concern for millennials obsessed with their screens.

An interesting feature is the tracker that pinpoints where you’re riding mates are. It’s like an air traffic radar screen, only in colour. They call it the “Noodle cloud” which tracks other riders on the same scooter.

Kymco AK550
Find friends

That could be a great safety device, if it isn’t too distracting or too tempting to start racing your mates!

You can also use the app to find your scooter in the carpark, or track it if someone has stolen it.

Kymco AK550
Find your scoot

Kymco maxi scooterKymco AK550

The Taiwanese company only launched into the maxi scooter sector last year with several AK models.

Kymco Australia says the flagship AK550 maxi scooter arrives in dealerships in December at $11,990 plus on road costs in “Space Grey” with a three-year factory warranty.Kymco AK550

Director Michael Poynton says the AK550 has a great list of premium features “without the hefty price tag”.

Other features include LED lights, USB ports, lightweight aluminium frame, low seat and plenty of underseat storage for a full-face helmet and more.

Ride and handling is claimed to be balanced and comfortable with upside-down 41mm forks and three-stage reducer technology on the rear to unweight the engine from the transmission and reduce unsprung weight.

Brakes are also impressive with twin Brembo calipers on dual 280mm floating discs up front and a single caliper on a 260mm rear disc with the light Bosch 9.1 ABS.

Kymco AK550 Dash
USD forks

It is powered by a balanced 550cc twin-cylinder, eight-valve EFI engine with 39.9kW of power and “performance” and wet power modes available on the fly.

  1. A built-in forward and rearward recording camera would be really useful if you were ever involved in an accident. A rear facing display on the dash might also help avoid problems. Third party units are available but because they are not built-in they tend to be theft magnets.

  2. All those whizzo electronics yet it does not have a built-in camera to take selfies as you ride? Maybe that will come with next year’s model.

  3. There is nothing ‘smart’ about this at all … it’s bad enough keeping an eye out for all the cager cockwombles glued to their smartphones and smartdashes, without riders themselves being distracted with irrelevant crap all over the dash.

    And there’s not even a display for ‘windspeed up your skirt’ – being a scooter …

  4. Many features or the display are totally dangerous/distracting. How can you possibly applaud such dangerous and irresponsible features?

      1. If you watch the video it shows that stuff only pops up when you’re stopped.

        What I would like to see more of is the navigation options. If Kymco can put a decent hands-free nav interface into a smaller scooter they’ll basically own the delivery scooter market.

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