Kubby tent makes bike covers easy

Kubby Motorcycle Tent Cover battery

If you are sick of fiddling with a cumbersome motorcycle cover when you get home each night, there are now foldable motorcycle Kubby “tents” available to protect your “loved one”.


They are robust and sturdy, but most importantly, they stay erect and you simply ride in, get off and pull the cover over the bike. Simple!

Kubby Motorcycle Tent Cover

Kubby covers come in small ($315.70) and large ($359.70) sizes.

We’ve tried the Kubby for small to medium bikes and it comfortably fits our Triumph Bonneville T100 and Scrambler and, of course, our Honda CX500.

Dimensions are 2682mm long, 1036mm wide and 1584mm high, so you can also fit some tools and spares in there with your bike.

Because it keeps the cover away from your bike, you can park your bike in the tent even when the exhaust is hot without worrying about melting the cover.
Kubby Motorcycle Tent Cover

For bigger bikes, outfits and trikes, such as the Can-Am Spyder, you need the large Kubby tent which may even fit two bikes side-by-side.

It’s certainly big enough at 3444mm long, 1798mm wide and the same height.

The covers are made of heavy duty and waterproof Oxford 600D.

It fits over 25mm galvanised powder-coated piping that is hinged in the centre so the structure is easily folded shut or open.

The Kubby will not only protect your bike from the rain, but also being covered in dust, fading under the sun and even being hammered in hail storms. A normal cover won’t do that.

There is also an exhaust vent so the bike doesn’t get too hot.

Even though the medium-sized Kubby weighs 18kg and the big Kubby is 23kg, they can still blow away in strong winds.

To stop it blowing away, you can bolt it to the ground with the provided holes and special bolts.

Kubby tents are not something you can carry on your bike to work or on a weekend trip, but you could set one up as a semi-permanent feature at home or work, like a fabric shed.

The motorcycle tents are so good, we have decided to stock them on the Motorbike Writer online shop.

And to celebrate, we have provided a free Kubby cover to MotoMedics Queensland to protect one of their Yamaha FJR1300 bikes which they use to patrol the Brisbane hinterland and offer lifesaving first responder assistance to motorcycle crash victims.

Motomedics Queensland gets a Kubby Motorcycle Tent Cover
Motomedics Queensland

You could also use them to store bicycles, a lawn mower, dinghy, ATV, camping gear, or tools.

They are available in black, blue, green, grey and more and there are also bigger tents available for cars.Kubby Motorcycle Tent Cover

Kubby motorcycle tent

  • Price: $315.70 (small), $359.70 (large) – delivery charges vary depending on your location
  • Dimensions: L3450mm, W1880mm, H1900mm (small); L2700mm, W1050mm, H1570mm (large)
  • Weight: 18kg (small), 23kg (large)
  • Cover: water-proof oxford 600D
  • Frame: 25mm x 1.2mm galvanised powder-coated pipe
  • Buy them now at our online shop.


    1. yeah, Arky; saw it on a british mc site thought “not so bad…’ will have to get some $ together to get one myself – (for $40 more might as well upsize), hope to make it to Crows Nest Sunday too…

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