Poster for 2021 KTM World Adventure Week (WAW)

KTM World Adventure Week Huge Success

The 2021 edition of KTM’s World Adventure Week (WAW) is over – and boy, what a turnout.

From the Carpenters Austral in Chile to the Ukrainian Carpathians, from the prairies of Canada to some of Europe’s biggest hotspots, riders from every walk of life hit the roads for seven days straight, making memories, sharing stories, and playing an integral part in the motorcycle community.

The KTM 1290 Adventure S that was used as a prize for the 2021 World Adventure Week

This year marks the very first edition of the World Adventure Week, powered both by KTM and RISER – an app that allows you to track your progress when out taking the turns on some country twisties.

With the World Adventure Week now come to a very successful end, it’s time to play out the stats.

A pair of riders registered for the 2021 KTM World Adventure Week

Here’s a couple of cool things that happened during the week’s challenges:

  • over 1.5 million kilometres were ridden.

  • The challenges saw a total of 25,000 riding hours, ridden by 1,005 motorcyclists.

  • The highest calculated altitude reached in the WAW was 4,770 meters.

  • A total of 735 group rides were completed.

  • Riders attended from 74 countries around the globe.

For those who weren’t able to catch up on the details of the World Adventure Week, all registrants who rode 1,000 kilometres (or more) for the seven days of the challenges were entered to win a KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S.

This year, the winner was Glenn V., from Norway. Congrats!

A rider participating in the 2021 KTM World Adventure Week

Kudos to KTM for celebrating any rider, on any brand of bike, riding anywhere in the world.

A full list of the daily prizes and the respective daily winners is available on KTM’s World Adventure Week website.

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