Kawasaki Z900RS accessories launched

Kawasaki Z900RS accessories

One of the most anticipated models of 2018, the Kawasaki Z900RS, now comes with several special accessories, including centre stand and pillion grab rails.

The tribute bike to the legendary Z1 is listed at $16,499 plus on-road costs.

It is based on the Z900, but costs about $4000 more even though power and torque are slightly down.

The retro model has much the same features as the Z900, but includes traction control and a whole lot of retro styling.

Pricing has caused some concern among our readers, but Kawasaki remains firm on the pricing hoping that the heart will rule the head.

Click here to read more about the bike, plus reader comments.

The Z900RS will be joined by a Cafe Racer version in February/March, but no price has yet been released.

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Racer prices accessories
Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Racer prices

Meanwhile, the accessories list for the Z900RS has been released.

Kawasaki Z900RS with radiator guard and centre stand accessories
Kawasaki Z900RS with radiator guard and centre stand

Accessories include: Centre stand ($295.13); fork cap in black or gold ($302.67); frame sliders ($334.32); front axle protector ($154); oil filler in black, gold or silver ($108.44); heated grips ($418.78); indicator cover in black or silver ($84.46); passenger grab rail ($221.68); radiator guard ($133.70), side grab handle $182.99); smoked instrument cowl ($429.30); protective tank pad ($63.34); and tank emblem set ($200.18).

The bike must be popular as several accessories are already out of stock.

Kawasaki gives a rundown on the bike in this video.


  1. I did purchase the bike in March. It currently sits in my office in the house. Wife not pleased with that. It has only 3 miles on the odometer and will stay that way until either Kawasaki or some reputable aftermarket company introduces a 4 into 2 exhaust system.
    Was sort of disappointed that I will need to buy the rear chrome grab rail and a center stand separately. They both should have been standard on this bike.

  2. Well my heart didn’t rule my head . I walked into the dealer to buy one , and left unimpressed with the pricing and dissapointed with the bike . All the spy and prerelease pictures all had spoke wheels and 4 into 4 exhaust . The salesman went to great lengths to tell me why its better with pretend ( cheaper ) spoke wheels , 4 into 1 exhaust that is better than 4 into 4 and how its better to ride with less hp than its sibling Z900 and good value at $4000 more than the more powerful Z900 . A fail in my eyes .

  3. I’ll pass thanks. It should at least have a pair of 2 into 2 exhausts if its going to get close to a Z1 tribute bike. I call hipster BS.

  4. A radiator guard is an option? C’mon…
    A 368Meg vid file to explain the accessories? That’s a bit rich, much like the accessory pricing. I predict the aftermarket will have a field day.

  5. All kind of gimmicks for the eyes but with hardly of any real use. They don’t even have a simple luggage rack, not even a small one to strap on a luggage roll with a tent. This bike is not only ment for posing, isn’t it? I would like to travel with it.

    1. Yes that was my impression too. Rather than being a versatile UJM – with its semi rear-set pegs, smallish tank and lack of luggage points.. this is really just another hipster bike or city bike. But then Kwakka do also make the excellent Versys 1000 so I guess they have that niche covered too

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