Kangaroo Valley features in ride video

Kangaroo Valley features in ride video

Kangaroo Valley, south of Sydney, features one of the famed motorcycle roads in Australia and is the subject of the latest Roads We Ride road safety video series.

“With its winding roads through historic towns, a ride through the valley is picturesque but not without its hazards,” the YouTube video says.

The video features local rider Dan Sharp on his 2000 Kawasaki ZX-12R.Kangaroo Valley features in ride video

“I love the old school look of things,” he says.

Dan also alerts riders to some of the hazards on the road such as kangaroos (obviously) and wombats, but says Kangaroo Valley Rd is a “hidden gem”.Kangaroo Valley features in ride video

Check out the Oxley video featuring local rider Alex Donnelly and wife Ann on their BMW R 1200 GS.

More videos

It’s not the only video of the Oxley Highway that we have featured.

First there was veteran motorcycle journo Mick Matheson’s fantastic review of the road in 2016.

Shortly afterwards, the Roads and Maritime Services decided to reduce speeds along the road after a road safety review.

Their decision was met with howls of protests and a petition supported by riders and locals.

The RMS decided to review their decision and eventually decided to reduce the mountain section from 100km/h to 80km/h.

The result was a substantial drop in riders and trade on the road.

This prompted John Keogh of Gingers Creek Roadhouse to put together this drone video to show off the road’s attractions and bring back riders.

  • What do you think of this video series? Does it make you a better and safer rider or is it a waste of taxpayer’s money? Leave your comments below.

  1. This vid on Kangaroo Valley is great and so are the rest in the Roads We Ride series. One of the things that makes them great is that, yes they have a safety message, but it’s not heavy and it’s just about how a local rider takes on his favourite road. If it’s my tax dollars paying for these vids then I’d say it’s one of the best motorcycle safety campaigns the state govt. has done.

  2. Living in Nowra in the late fifties and early sixties we used to climb Camberwarra, cross the valley and it’s famous bridge and up the other side to Moss Vale on regular weekend rides on the trusty 500AJS or the Golden Flash. It was a bit difficult to hear the forest birds with the one lunger banging away on the climb up.
    Them wuz the days.

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