Is kick start making a comeback?

Kick start could be making a comeback with Yamaha returning the classic SR400 to the Aussie market in kick-start-only.

Yamaha SR400
Yamaha SR400

Yamaha Motor Australia marketing manager Sean Goldhawk says the time is right for a kick-start-only bike. “Some guys are really proud of how they can start a bike with a kick start,” he says. “It’s like a ritual that owners like to master.”

With the growing trend for young riders to customise old bikes, Yamaha could just be on to a growing trend here. They have even produced a video which shows riders the correct way to kick-starting your bike so it starts every time. Most of the problems with kick starts come from too much effort and not enough technique. Plus a small, single-cylinder engine is much easier to start.

Yamaha SR400
Yamaha SR400 by Deus

The SR name has been around since 1978 and in its 35th year it returns to the Australian market in April at $8999. But that’s just where the fun starts with plenty of Yamaha accessories to customise the bike, or you could go nuts like the guys from Deus ex Machina who have a customised version on the stand.

Yamaha is showing the SR400 at its big marquee just inside the main gate at the Brisbane Moto Expo this weekend in the RNA show grounds.

Cruiser & Trike's Yamaha Bolt custom
Cruiser & Trike’s Bolt custom

Speaking of customising, they also have various Bolt cruisers which have been customised by magazines such as Cruiser & Trike. Visitors can vote on their favourite and the winner will be announced on Sunday.

They also have the new Stryker 1300cc cruiser, the three-wheeler Tricity leaning scooter, and the Super Tenere and FJR1300 which now come with optional electronic suspension adjustment that works on the damping and spring rate at the touch of a button. The Tenere is $21,990 and the FJR $26,990.

Yamaha also has a come-and-try area for children to test out the peewee bikes and have stunt rider Dave McKenna performing throughout the weekend.

Yamaha Tricity
Yamaha Tricity


Yamaha Stryker
Yamaha Stryker








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