Mission R electric superbike Apple
Mission R electric superbike

Is Apple making an electric motorcycle?

The rumours have been around for a while that Apple is planning an electric car, but their latest recruitment drive could start rumours they are also planning an electric motorcycle.

The American company has poached so many key staff from electric motorcycle startup company Mission Motors that they have been forced to file for bankruptcy.

Mission’s assets are now controlled by its largest investor Infield Capital.

Mission CEO Derek Kaufman told Reuters that they had a “great group of engineers, specifically electric drive expertise”.

“Apple knew that – they wanted it, and they went and got it.”

The report claims about six engineers from the San Francisco-based startup have been recruited by Apple since May.

Mission was established in 2007 and never developed a motorcycle for public sale, but its Mission R did eight laps in 2013 at the famous Laguna Seca circuit and managed 280km/h.

Mission was trying to raise more capital from investors to go to production, but Kaufman says Apple did not try to buy Mission Motors.

It just wanted its engineers who were working on electric drive systems and battery algorithms for charging and cooling.

While Apple has been rumoured to be working on an electric vehicle, codenamed “Project Titan,” that rumour could widen to include a smaller vehicle, perhaps a motorcycle, scooter or, more fitting with their hip products, some cool sort of electric skateboard or overboard!

The company has also poached engineers from a range of companies including electric car company Tesla, Ford, GM, A123 Systems and Samsung.

  1. I bet it will run like a dream for the first year but after that the battery will only last about 10 minutes – just like their iPhone!

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