Interphone Urban Sport Tour Bluetooth intercoms

Interphone updates Bluetooth intercoms

Interphone Urban Sport Tour Bluetooth intercom
has released a range of new Bluetooth intercoms with a new low-profile design, more talk time, smarter pairing and increased range.

The new Interphone units are only 22mm deep so they form a low aerodynamic profile on your helmet.

The two-way Interphone Urban intercom ($199.95 single, $349.95 pair) comes with white controls, while the four-way Sport ($329.95, $579.95) is shiny black and the matte-black flagship Tour ($399.95, $699.95) has the most features.

That compares with the Interphone F5XT Bluetooth system at $299.95 for a single or $549.95 for a dual set.

Unfortunately, the new Interphone controls look like they will be even more difficult to find with thick winter gloves than the previous model and nowhere near as easy to use as the rotating knob on the Sena intercoms.

Sena 10S bluetooth intercoms
Sena 10S with ewasy-to-use rotary controls

We haven’t tested the new Interphone units, but were quite satisfied with the claims for the previous F5XT so we have no reason to dispute their new claims.

They say talk time on the flagship Tour is now up to 20 hours from 12, with 1000 hours standby up from 700 and connection range up to 1.5km from 1.3km.

It features a new 80MHz digital signal processor which they say improves audio quality. We found the previous model had very high quality clear sound, although the bass was lacking.Interphone Urban Sport Tour Bluetooth intercoms

Other new Interphone intercom features include:

  • Genius Pairing that connects two or more intercoms simply by turning on one device;
  • An iOS and Android smartphone app that allows intercom configuration and control directly from the phone;
  • Shared telephone conversations with a passenger; and
  • Background music while using the intercom.

  1. I wonder how this one compares to the Sena SMH10R that I have. I do like the idea of a more streamlined headset.

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