Indian watches

Indian and Ducati issue watches

Just like many race-style watches, many come in the form of chronographs which have been a staple in racing since from the very beginning. You may have heard of such iconic pieces like Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona and other race style watches like the Tag Heuer Monaco like the many watches seen here.

Motorcycle manufacturers have long had associations with various watch makers and now Indian Motorcycle and Ducati have released exclusive watches.

The Indian Motorcycle Burt Munro Commemorative Watch is a collaboration with Swiss company Baume & Mercier.

Don’t get too excited as the chronograph (fancy name for a watch) will set you back a healthy $US3750 (almost $A5000, €3200).

The Ducati collaboration is with Italian company Locman and there is no word on price yet, but they will be expensive when they arrive next year.Ducati watches

It follows a Ducati Scrambler watch in 2015 with Swiss watchmaker Tudor.

There have been other exclusive motorcycle watches over the past few years. They include a BMW GS watch, BMW boxer watch designed by Marc Jenni and a host of Harley-Davidson watches with New York company Bulova.

Then there are motorcycle-inspired watches like the Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider, from Swiss watchmaker Azimuth. It features a motorcycle chain on sprockets on the face.

Watches Chain Drive
Azimuth watch

Indian series of watches

Indian’s watch is the first of a series of watches with Baume & Mercer and the latest of many tributes the company has paid to Burt Munro.

The official name is the Clifton Club Burt Munro Tribute named after the exclusive Bristol gentleman’s club for some reason.

It is limited to 1967 pieces, recalling the year that Munro set his iconic Bonneville record.

The watch features a sandblasted dial like the Bonneville Salt Flats with a yellow roundel and a bold number 35, Munro’s lucky number.

Its 44mm stainless steel case has a tachymeter scale on the bezel that highlights Munro’s 184mph record.

Indian watches

Ducati & Locman watches

Meanwhile, Ducati has an affinity with fellow Italian Locman who are also known for using carbon and titanium.

Ducati Licensing and Corporate Partnership Director Alessandro Cicognani says they will co-develop several products.

Similarly, they are expected to be pricey items.

  • How much would you be prepared to pay to wear your favourite motorcycle brand on your wrist? Leave your comments below.

  1. Indian’s association with Baume and Mercier is probably meant to be a reflection of the quality of the bike. Were I a collector of unique watches I’d be tempted as these items often appreciate as do sculptures and works of art and a B and M for less than $5000 is a bit of a rarity.
    “With those 4 items a dedicated watch is just a waste of cash”………..
    well years ago I bought a Rolex Explorer II (model 1655 not the later versions) which later became known as the Steve McQueen watch. It cost me Singapore $ 800,( Aussie $ worth Sing $ 3.45,) so about A$ 250 or so. Today this watch is worth around A$ 20,000… Explorer II in mint condition just went for US$ 55,000 in the States, I should have bought a dozen.
    Oh, I normally wear a $4.00 analogue from Ebay, buy one every 2 years because I’m not on the phone all day.

  2. I don’t see the need to own a watch and have not had one for over thirty years.

    There is clock on my bike, one in the car, one on the phone and one on the sat nav.

    With those 4 items a dedicated watch is just a waste of cash.

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