Bejewelled Indian Chief Classic
Bejewelled Indian Chief Classic

Indian Chief Classic crystallised

Just as Indian Motorcycle has introduced the matt-black minimalist Indian Chief Dark Horse, this Romanian singer has unveiled her Indian Chief Classic covered in Swarovski crystals.

For some, black is not dark enough, but for Romanian and now Canadian pop singer/songwriter Angelica Ganea, you can’t ave enough bling.

So she as teamed up with Austrian company Swarovski Crystals to entirely coat her Chief Classsic with their crystals. It’s called Emporium A.

The result might not suit everyone’s tastes and we wonder about how difficult it would be to clean, however there is no mistaking its unique artistry.

Bejewelled Indian Chief Classic
Bejewelled Indian Chief Classic

Angelica says she has been working with crystals most of her life and using them on her stage costumes, shoes, microphones and musical instruments.

She is now a Swaorviski branding partner and wanted to tackle something larger, so she chose the very traditional looking Indian Chief Classic to bejewel.

It took more than 1500 hours of intense work to form the intricate patterns.

Angelica claims it’s a world first, although we have heard of people bejewelling their cars before.

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