Bajaj Auto Dominar 400
Bajaj Auto Dominar 400

Indian Bajaj Auto targets Australia

Indian motorcycle company Bajaj Auto is reported to be setting its sights on Australia with the introduction of its Dominar 400 learner bike.

The company is the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer, taking back the lead from fellow Indian company Royal Enfield.

Bajaj Auto makes bikes from 100cc to 373cc and holds a 47% in Austria’s KTM, building a third of KTM’s bikes at their Chakan plant.

They also recently announced a deal with Triumph Motorcycles to make their learner-approved motorcycles up to about 600cc.

And Baja Auto is one of the three shortlisted companies to buy Ducati, although that sale now appears to be on hold.

Bajaj Auto Dominar 400Bajaj Auto Dominar 400

Now, the company is reported to be planning to export its flagship motorcycle, the Dominar 400 to Australia soon.

There is no word on an Australian distributor nor pricing or delivery schedule.

The  Dominar 400 is powered by a 373.3cc four-valve DTS-i liquid-cooled engine with 25kW of power and 35Nm of torque.

As such, it would be included under the Australian and New Zealand Learner-Approved Motorcycles Scheme (LAMS).

LAMS bikes have been selling well ver the past few years. However, sales have slowed significantly in the first six months of 2017.

The Dominar comes with a full LED headlight, LCD display, twin-channel ABS and a slipper clutch.

Bajaj Auto sells 1500 a month, but they plan to export the bike and lift that to about 12,000.

Obviously, not all those increased sale will come from Australia, so there must be plans to export to other countries as well.

  1. Kawasaki’s first Indian plant, measuring about 10,000 sq. meters, went online in September 2017. Before that, it assembled motorcycles with engine displacements of between 250 cc and 650 cc at a plant leased from Indian motorcycle maker Bajaj Auto. Kawasaki makes large models, including the 1,000 cc Ninja, at the new plant.

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